The Relationship Artist – A New Focus on Relationship Problems

Relationships are always a rollercoaster ride


You’re not unique if your relationship has problems. Getting to know another person so deeply and to share an emotional connection so intense can cause a proverbial rollercoaster of the heart and mind. Challenges happen to every relationship. It is important to consider that problems are not a sign that your love life is broken or on it’s way down the tubes. Whether we realize it or not, facing challenges is a very human way to grow emotionally. A person or couple without everyday problems will miss out on creating solutions, learning from their mistakes, and maturing in their decision making.


Problems are here to stay. They are a part of life. For the most part, finding a solution can often just lead to further challenges. The couple that creates solutions to problems together, grow and mature together. Growing together as a unit prevents the “You’ve changed” or “I don’t know you anymore” real dilemmas of losing the team spirit that can truly cripple a relationship. Accept problems as a gift. A gift that refines the team decision making talent. These “gifts” or challenges keep an important focus on the team, union and family unit.


So the NEW focus on relationship problems is of unity, growth, emotional precision, mental maturity, stimulation, and love. Don’t get caught up into the “why us?” mentality. Each and every one of us have our share. You are not alone. The world without challenges would not be a utopia. It would become complacent and boring. A relationship without problems would quickly grow apart. A meeting of the minds is the quickest way of keeping the team together. If there were no opponents in a football game, there would be no huddle. And cuddling is good!


I mean huddling….you know what I mean….!

How do you create an exceptional love relationship today?

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Source by Colin Martin