The Samurai Jack Trailer is Out and We Are Going Bonkers!

Will Samurai Jack be able to defeat Aku this time around?


I don’t usually get excited about trailers but,

Gotta get back

Back to the past

Samurai Jack

Watch out!

Ho-f*ck*ng-ly! Nothing compares to the level of excitement that I’m going through right now because Samurai Jack is coming back!

So the trailer starts off with what appears to be Jack standing at the edge of a cliff and then in a field with his sword around his waist. It’s a distant shot but anyone who has watched Samurai Jack in the past surely knows that’s what it is. And for those who haven’t seen it, why are you reading this?

The story which is set some 15 years after the last episode’s’ events show Jack looking the same as ever, as if he has been untouched by time. He even says that time has lost its effect on him. And guess who the creator of this trap may be? Yes, you guessed it right– Aku! The same evil wizard who Jack has been trying to hunt down since ages. And at the rate at which the last series was going, it felt like he never really would be able to get hold of him.

The animation is crisp, the effects are mind-blowing and the thumping background music is as good as I expected! But, I suppose Jack has found out a way to finally end this, at least that’s what he says. Aku, your era will soon come to an end because Jack is back!

There are more surprises in store: Our favourite Samurai Jack now has a new weapon added to his list! Watch the video to find out.

P.S. 11th March, come soon!