The ‘Short Blanket’ Syndrome

It is no wonder that I continued into my adult life in the same manner

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In terms of abundance, is “A Short Blanket” syndrome a fact of life?

I was raised in a home where the ‘Short Blanket’ was a fact of life. We were poor. Our neighborhood was made up of Holocaust survivors and new immigrants so everybody else around was also considered poor. Although my parents’ economic status advanced and later could be classified as Middle class, the ‘Short Blanket’ was definitely a fact of life.

It is no wonder that I continued into my adult life in the same manner: Struggling to manage our monthly income, making choices, prioritizing and ‘putting out fires’. Did I know how to live differently? More than that, it was not only in my personal life but also in all the companies I worked for.

They were financially managed by the same patterns of choice and priorities, postponement of payments, delaying of new projects and ‘putting out fires’. “Like attracts like” isn’t it?

For years I invested a lot of energy in self-development and awareness. I had many ‘insights’ about my thinking patterns around money and wealth, and every time I discovered and overcame another mental block, I thought “Well, now we will become wealthy! We can do and have all we want and never have to worry about our survival”. We had our share of highs and lows, we were happy and content and our blanket grew bigger, but yet the ‘Short Blanket’ was still very much ingrained in our soul.

One day, I got the idea of the ‘Short Blanket’ state of mind. The company I worked for was regularly going through ups to downs but at that stage we were at a major crisis, struggling to survive, making payment to the suppliers according to how strong the pressure was or how urgently we need more supplies. There was no planning at all – it was complete chaos. In my mind, I saw a man lying on a bed covered with such a short blanket that when he covered his legs, his body stayed out and when he covered his body, both legs stayed out.

That crisis at work was not the first, but it was the first to wake me up and think, “This is not a good place to be in terms of the Law of Attraction” and I realized that in order to eliminate such situations from my life, I would need to learn the lesson.

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There and then I got the idea that the ‘Short Blanket’ is a state of mind before it becomes reality. People argue and say that it is a fact of life and not a state of mind. They say it is an objective fact!

Only millionaires do not need to worry in terms of money.

I do honestly believe that the situation of a ‘Short Blanket’ is a manifestation of one’s belief and if the belief is changed – One could have it all.

Now, as I believe that beliefs create reality, I need to prove it in my personal life, don’t I? Give me some time and I let you know…

What do you think?

Source by Irit Weich Gezler