The Story of Almost Every Brilliant Female Student in India

A Twitter user shares an anecdote about a brilliant female classmate who was forced to give up her ambition for marriage

Credit: Wikimedia/ Cherishsantosh representational image

Remember the brilliant female student who always topped the class each year? You thought she would go on to be very successful, get a top job, and be the envy of those around her. Unfortunately, if she lives in the Indian sub-continent where patriarchy still rules, chances are she left her ambitions the day she got married. Usman Ghani, a Pakistani blogger, shares an anecdote from his school days where a classmate was made to give up her promising career for marriage, wedded to a dropout who abused her, and stayed in that abusive marriage for the sake of her parents. It’s a story we know all too well.

In the Indian sub-continent, many women are made to give up their careers and ambitions in order to stay at home and raise a family. There are many women who choose to give up their careers fearing societal pressure. Countless girls are married off young because their parents fear an unmarried girl’s position in society. We believe that marriage and a career or a lack thereof is a choice both men and women should have the freedom to make.