The Stupidest Things People Did to Get Fired

Stealing bananas, forging tips and locking another employee in a closet— these people are just asking to be let go

You have to be a really bad employee to get fired; come on, give your superiors some credit. Managers of Reddit list out the stupidest things their employees did that forced them to fire these said employees.

1. Don’t Even Think of Trying It

Every year during the holiday season, I’d warn the new hires, “listen, no matter how tempting it is, don’t steal a customer’s gift card. We can track it, I will track it and if I catch you, you will get fired. Every year people try it, every year people get fired. Don’t do it.” They do it anyway. [lestermason]

2. When You Steal and You Get Greedy

A lady I used to work with got fired for doing this. She’d swipe to activate the gift card, charge the customer then did a switcheroo to give the customer an empty. She was smart enough to go to a different store to use the gift cards, but she was stupid enough to ask for an employee discount which required filling out a small card with name and employee number.

The manager that rang her through (only managers can ring through employees) noticed her huge stack of gift cards and got suspicious so she called our store, which had been dealing with customers claiming their gift cards not working. Put 2 and 2 together, and she got fired. [WiFiForeheadWrinkles]

3. For Stealing Bananas

He stole a bunch of bananas. Seriously. It was a college dining hall. He was an employee of the dining hall, and got free meals while on-shift. He was not working that day, walked into the serving area, hid a bunch of bananas in his bag, and tried to pass the cashier only paying for what was on his tray. When confronted and asked if he “had forgotten anything, maybe in his bag?” He denied having anything else. Fired on the spot. The worst part, he was on a meal plan (a kind of debit system, except you never get the money back at the end of the semester if you don’t spend it). He had plenty of money for the semester. I have no idea why he felt the need to steal bananas. [Elim_Tain]

 4. For Being a Stupid Perv

Not a manager but someone was recently fired from my job for something so stupid it probably inspired a few dozen face palms. I work at a retail store of a very well known technology company. Customers very often trade in their old smartphones for a credit when they buy a new one. Protocol is to erase the old phone in the customers presence. One employee didn’t erase the phone, went through the camera roll, found some pictures he liked (the customer was female) and emailed them, to himself, using the customers email account that was logged into the phone. The customer found the emails in her sent box and complained to management. He was several levels of fired. [NJtoTheBay]

5. The Lame Alibi

New guy, around 20 years old or so, called in sick saying he thinks he had a stroke. Since he lived across the street from the store where we worked, we all then stood and watched through the store’s glass door as he packed up his truck with beach gear and drove off with his girlfriend. Fired the next day. [MachineGunTeacher]

6. These Numbskulls

Two employees hooked up on camera, then tried to delete the footage

Employee brought a gun to work & kept it in his work area

Assistant manager watched porn on a work computer, crashed the whole property system

Two employees stole food from freezer, had cookout & invited staff, including an assistant manager [StefwithanF]

7. For Stealing a Bus Pass

Offered a job to a candidate, but had to step out of the office to grab some paperwork. Came back and a bus pass that was on the desk was missing. Newly hired employee stole it. I asked him to return it because a previous candidate dropped it and he said he needed it more than they did and walked out. [MrHarmCity]

8. HR Nightmare

I had an employee lock another employee in a closet one time. The person that was trapped called the police from inside the closet. It was quite an HR nightmare. [racord360]

9. Forgery

Forging a tip on a receipt. Like adding $20 wasn’t going to get caught. [pawvel_catsyuk]

10. For Being a Thorough Employee

Had a server drink out of the customer’s Dr.Pepper and Coke to see which was which….in front of them… [Zeke219]

11. For Being Too Sick to ‘Work’

I was assistant manager at a restaurant for a while and one of the newer bussers had called in 3 times in his first two weeks. He called in on Saturday telling me he was deathly sick and couldn’t even get out of bed.

Around 9pm after the dinner rush one of my servers ask me to go check on table 42. I turn the corner and there is the ‘sick’ busser stoned out of his mind with two buddies eating. [Half_Past_Five]