The Things Guys Do to Get Laid

Driving for hours, blatantly asking girls to shag them — these guys will try their best to get it on


It’s often said that guys will do anything for sex. These instances, courtesy Reddit, prove that adage.

1. He Drove All Night

Drove to Phoenix and back in one night from southern California (12 hours drive time).

It wasn’t worth it. [FallenAngel_02]

2. Watched a Movie with Her Kid

I got invited over for a booty call from a woman I met outside a store, we never even went on a date, and before we got busy I had to watch the last 20 minutes of Toy Story 3, in bed with her and her 6 year old son.

I was desperate and she was a yoga teacher. It was worth it. [theartofeverything]

3. The Shag in Transit

Drove 2.5 hours (each way) to an airport where a girl had 45 minutes between connecting flights. Worked though, did it in the airport parking garage, no regrets. [shyrra]

4. Let’s Do it Right Here

I was 16, and my sex drive had taken hold of my brain.

I met this girl, and she was just simply friendly to me. Everyone I knew seemed to be having sex at the time, so I figured that it must be a simple thing to get laid, and I must just be missing the cues. The rest of our friends peeled off and we found ourselves alone, walking through a field. We came upon some weird 3 ft sunken tree plantings, and I thought “This is the perfect place.” I laid down in one, and said “Here. Come here next to me.” all suave like Vincent Price. Then I pulled out the condom from my pocket (which I carried at all times YOU NEVER KNOW). She just stood there very confused, and said “Why?” as if she didn’t even catch the suggestion of sex even with the condom in my hand. So I spelled it out for her, saying “I know you have feelings for me. We can get it on right here. We can f**k.”

She laughed so hard that I had to play it off as a joke. [ShrugCorporation]

5. Drove through a Storm

I was 18, my gf at the time (now wife) lived in an other city about 90km away (just under 60miles for you American folk). During one of the heaviest rain storms known to mankind, I got on my 1996 Yamaha FZR 600 motorcycle with nearly blad tires and drove over. I was wet, she was wet, no one got laid cause I got sick. [CubbyNINJA]

6. Slept with Senior Citizen Swingers

Drove 35 miles at 1 a.m. in my clapped out 63 Impala while on leave. Arrived to find that the swingers I intended to meet were not in their 30’s as I mistakenly assumed, but in their 60s. Still banged, had a great time. Was 21. [11bulletcatcher]

7. Couldn’t Have Made It More Obvious

Did karaoke. I chose “My neck, my back” and sung it directly at the person I wanted to shag. Yeah, didn’t work! [shinyhappycat]

8. Please Ride Me

SO in shower, we hadn’t even gone to 3rd base, and I laid on the floor by the door hoping that she would take the hint and take it upon herself to climb on top of me and make THAT our special moment. I ended up just sadly laying on the floor. [greencaptain]

9. Watched Twilight 2

Paid actual money to sit in a theater and watch Twilight 2. It worked though. [TooBadFucker]

10. Spent 800 GBP

Spent £400 on airplane tickets to meet a girl I had been texting for three months in a country neither of us lived in. She was a no-show. The tickets were for her – my ticket was on top of that. So £800 in total. I still went on the trip! [sh-sh-sh-shelly]


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