The Weirdest Stuff People Have Discovered About Their Co-Workers


How much do we really know about our co-workers? Usually, not much but we expect them to have the same drab lives as ours especially if they are the clean-cut office-going kind. These Redditors got the shock of their lives when they heard these unbelievable things about their co-workers.

1. Colleague Ran a Gang

That my straight-laced, clean cut, bespectacled, quiet and courteous coworker used to be hard into heroin, ran in a gang, and had a few assault charges. You would seriously never know. Gave off no vibes or had any mannerisms and had a polite face and cadence. He always wore a pressed long-sleeve dress shirt and a sharp tie. He never rolled up his sleeves even if it was hot and everyone else did.

The reason I found out about this is one day I actually caught a glimpse of his arms which had two full tattoo sleeves. Taken aback, I asked him about them, and he told me the story. He was so curt about it, I didn’t believe he was making it up.

I asked my other coworkers who had been there longer, and they said he apparently met his wife and turned his life completely around. [UptownShenanigans]

2. His Parents Were His Siblings

In one of my jobs in high school my boss came in to work looking shell shocked. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me he had just learned that his biological parents were siblings. (He was adopted, and didn’t know his actual parents.) [BobbyBobRoberts]

3. Grandma was a Biker Chic

I had this sweetheart 50-something coworker lady casually mention to me that she had been shot in the head. Turns out she was a badass biker chick in the 70’s and her methhead boyfriend got drunk and shot her in the head one night.

She kinda got teared up and said I was the first person she had told in like 30 years.

Her biker name was roadrunner, and now she collects little knick knacks in her cubicle and talks about her grandchildren all the time. [mgros483]

4. Colleague’s Guinea Pig was a Star

A female coworker had an Instagram account with over 40,000 followers… for her guinea pig. [Tree_Eyed_Crow]

5. Super Nice Co-worker Murdered His Wife

I had a co-worker that did 15 years in prison for murdering his wife. Super nice guy…Never would have known unless he told me. His daughter, (from the murdered wife) was one of my subordinates and they were actually close. Very strange deal. [WheezinThaJuice]

6. Colleague Raped his Daughter AND She Worked in the Same Office

I worked for a guy who raped his daughter when she was 8 years old. So violent it broke her pelvis. The mother was mysteriously murdered, while he was in Mexico. When I worked for him, she worked the front office and you would never know it had happened. She was 17 when I knew her. [sashay33]

7. Colleague Watched His Mother Get Shot

One of the nicest people Ive ever worked with, I caught crying because it was the anniversary of when his father killed his mother in front of him when he was six. Very sad. [Whompman]


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