The Worst (and Best) Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

A pouch of tobacco, a pineapple wrapped in newspaper – not exactly ideal holiday gifts


It’s that time of the year when people are scrambling to buy gifts for their near-and-dear  ones and hastily putting together something for colleagues and acquaintances. Last-minute gifting is not the best idea, for reasons best known to everyone. Redditors list out the worst and (some great) last-minute Christmas presents they have received.

1. Got a Random Game. Bought a Playstation

One year, I got a new copy of Final Fantasy VII for the playstation from an aunt who was making a stop by our house and didn’t want to come empty handed at Christmas. One problem. I didn’t have a Playstation. My parents used to get the Sunday paper and every week I would stalk the ads and check out the Playstation… its price had changed from 150 to 129… and I suddenly got it in my mind that I could DO 129…

I cleared driveways, mowed lawns, walked pets, watched kids, watered flowers, weeded gardens, fixed bikes, planted trees, mulched beds, and saved my way to the $129 playstation.

I walked into the store with exact change, went home plugged in FF7 and proceeded to have a near-spiritual experience playing that game. I still remember the sound and feeling of that opening sequence.

I didn’t even know what an RPG was. Best present ever. [Crimdusk]

2. Was It a Hint?

A hedgehog exercise wheel.

I do not own a hedgehog. [JessBS27]

3. Maybe She Thought You Didn’t Notice

About 10 year ago, my great aunt gave me a hairbrush set containing a mirror, a comb, a large paddle brush, and one of those round barrel brushes. Only, when I received it, it was missing the round barrel brush. I know that the brush was in the original set and therefore had been taken out, because I was with my great aunt when she won it at a Christmas raffle a couple of days before. [here_involuntarily]

4. Paper. Just Paper

Secret Santa gift exchange at school. Everyone else got cool stuff or beautiful handmade pieces of art. I got a small box of cut construction paper. From the teacher.

5. Ketchup

I have received a bag of Ketchup. Not some silly little condiment pack, but a 5 pound commercial bag of ketchup! You would not believe how satisfying it is to hug and cuddle with that much Ketchup. [Starwarsfan2099]

6. Gag Gift that Worked

I didn’t have any time or cash, so I bought a $2 photo album and photoshopped his face to a bunch of stock photos I found online. Made him laugh for hours. [Charlopa24]

7. Whiskey + Cheese

My best friend got me a bottle of whiskey and a packet of powdered white sauce.

They were in the same gift bag, there is zero relation between moderately priced Scotch and what I believe is the sauce you use to top lasagna.

To this day I have no idea this gift was intentional or not. [ionwesker]

8. Poop in a Jar

I saw a recipe on Pinterest for a ‘chocolate cake in the jar’ and decided to make it. Mine looked like I had shat in the jar. Since it was last minute and secret santa, I had to go with it. Needless to say that the poop-jar became the joke of the night. I learned that day never to trust Pinterest or my baking skills again. [Ferwel]

9. Guess Who’s the Favourite Child

My brother once owed me $300. For Christmas that year my mom gave me $300 to “erase my brother’s debt”. Guess who also got $300…my brother. He essentially got $600 for Christmas and I got money that was already mine. [p1gswillfly]

10. Tobacco

My university class is very small, and last year we did a secret Santa. I got a half empty pouch of tobacco…I would have honestly been happier receiving nothing. [Rossioo]

11. Mummy’s Innocent Little Girl

I very proudly and with great ceremony presented my mom with a clumsily-wrapped box of tampons – which I’d taken from her bathroom cabinet – in front of all her friends.

4-year-old me had not really gotten the hang of presents yet. 30-year-old me is still living it down. [newtfig]

12. Best Mum Ever

When I was around 8 or 9 I had a sneaking suspicion Santa Claus wasn’t real and I decided to test it. The months leading up to Christmas my mom kept asking me what I was planning to ask from the big red guy and I always answered, “I can’t think of anything I want to ask for.” This kept up all the way to Christmas Eve and as I was being tucked in that night I said, “I’ve decided what I want Santa to bring me. Clay.” My mom started telling me that Santa had already left the North Pole and it might be too late. I was having none of that and said, “It’s something small. Santa can do it.” Well, Christmas morning comes along and I wake up to an abundance of beautiful, colorful clay. I asked my mom about it a few years back and she confessed she stayed up all night making that clay from an online homemade recipe.

I ended up believing in Santa Claus way longer than any kid should have thanks to my amazing mom. [papelpicado]

13. The Thoughtful Bro

My buddy baked me a cake one time but with one piece missing because he had to “make sure it was good.” Like I knew he was stoned and couldn’t help it, but it was still a pretty endearing bro-on-bro gesture. [soomuchcoffee]

14. Guess Who’s the Favourite Grandchild

My grandmother gave me a pineapple, wrapped in newspaper. She told me she didn’t use real gift wrap because it would just take away from the value of the real gift.

That same year my brother got a disk-man from her. She had favourites. [iouoneusername]

15. For Your Casserole

One time I received frozen vegetables from my birthday from my meth head sister in law. [ilovepeas1]