The Worst Things Guests Have Done in People’s Houses

You wouldn't wish these guests on your worst enemy

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We’ve all faced the occassional, annoying unwanted house guest. The ones who keep interfering, steal a bunch of stuff and make the occassional mess. But we bet they’re not as  awful as the ones on this Reddit list.

1. The Addict

Died of a heroin overdose at my daughter’s birthday. No one knew he was an addict. Was my daughter’s friend’s dad. [unmutablejones]


2. The Kleptomaniacs

This was at my grandmothers funeral. She was a well known lady so many people came to her funeral. What happened while we were all grieving was a bunch of people decided to steal a whole bunch of random sh*t. All our plates, cups, cooking utensils, bags of rice, medicine, etc. All Gone. [merrderber]

3. Diarrhead

When I was in high school I was having a party at my parent’s house when they were out of town. My buddy Derrick was not feeling well and really needed to take a dump. Apparently all of the bathrooms were occupied at the time of the emergency so he ran into the garage, pulled his pants down, and diarrhead all over the garage floor. [Kickinpuppies]


4. Drugged Out Grandma

After my mum passed away her elderly friend came to visit. She asked me for wine. She pounded back four glasses. Then she whipped out a handful of sleeping pills and downed those. I freaked out. She said she did it ‘all the time’. She then proceeded to fall off the chair. She tried going upstairs and started to fall. I caught her and half carried her to bed. I heard her fall hard on the floor. She was laughing and delirious (she was 74). I wanted to call an ambulance but she flat out refused. I put her back in bed. Rinse and repeat three times. The next morning I asked if she had other friends she could stay with. I drove her to them. [NZT-48Rules]

5. Threw Up on the Dog

I was at a party – and I hear the host yell “OMG – Who threw up on my DOG??!?!?!

Dog was a shepard mix, a bit stout, so he was walking around with a puddle of puke on his back like it was a saddle. [Bodymindisoneword]


6. The Interior Decorator

My parents bought a full sized terracotta soldier that they had shipped home when they were visiting China. About a year later when my parents weren’t home, my grandpa painted it solid gray because he though it looked worn and dated. [dtgiants45]

7. Skater Boy

There was this kid who lived around the block that would come over sometimes. Well one day he found some lemonade mix and decided the best thing to do with it was to dump it all on the ground, use the sink nozzle to get the floor wet, and turn the kitchen into a “skating rink”. Why the lemonade mix was necessary I have no idea, but that was a really fun day until my parents came home. [JV19]