The Worst Wedding Guests Ever

These guests have ruined the wedding cake and tried to upstage the bride

Representational Image/Pixabay

A wedding is a time for celebration. It’s a time to celebrate love and make sure the to-be-wedded couple has the best day of their lives. These guests were hell-bent on ruining them. Redditors list out the worst wedding guests they have seen.

1. Not the Best Place to Practice Your Aim

My uncle waved a knife around drunkenly ranting in Chinese then threw a microphone at the wedding cake.

I was told to mention the fact that the microphone was successfully embedded into the cake. Great aim for a drunk man. [YeOldeHotDog]

2. Who Is the Bride Now?

My step grandmother wore her wedding dress to my mom’s wedding. [peeingclitoris]

3. “Your grandfather is dying”

Literal five minutes before our wedding ceremony started my aunt came up to me (the bride) and told me that my grandfather had cancer and mostly a few months to live. I had not known but seeing him that morning I saw that he was not well.(my parents and sister had (unnecessarily) kept it from me before the wedding). Auntie dearest just walzed up to me and said: If I were you I would not be so happy, did you not know that your grandfather is dying? I cannot remember but apparently I replied: Well, let me get married first and then we’ll take care of this. [babasko]

4. Just a Taste

My wedding: Drunk coworker swiped his finger through our wedding cake for a taste before we even cut it. [Ubermensch_]

5. The Sulking Ex

At my brother’s wedding, his bride’s ex-husband showed up uninvited, drunk, and several of us had to escort him quickly out of the church since it was obvious he came to ruin the ceremony. [namesaremptynoise]

6. Stealing the Thunder

At my friend’s wedding, one of her friends ended up proposing to his girlfriend. Best way to take attention from the bride and groom and put it onto yourself. Kinda ruined the bride’s day. [Rumble_bot]

7. Speak Now or Forever… What?

Mother of the groom who ACTUALLY STOOD UP when the preacher said “speak now.” The father dragged her out with her kicking and screaming, literally kicking and screaming at him, while she slurred her words. She yelled and screamed all of the way out the door until more family got her subdued and took her home.

She was pissed because her son was marrying a Lao girl. [texasgunowner12]

8. Best Man > Maid of Honour

Maid of Honor/Sister of the bride spent 20 minutes talking about how nerdy the groom was, how she and all her friends couldn’t believe when they started dating, mentioned going home with a new guy every week, brought up how her mom and dad didn’t like his parents for some f**king reason.

She was underage and clearly drunk at a dry wedding, which, wtf?

Best Man managed to salvage the situation by delivering literally the best Best Man’s speech I’ve ever heard. [AcrolloPeed]

9. Whoops

I photographed a wedding back in 2015, wherein during his speech at the reception, the best man inadvertently revealed to the 200+ guests that the bride was pregnant.

Up until that point, only a very select few people knew. The look of pure rage/shock/embarrassment she gave him was staggering. [shaoting]

10. The Jackass Attention-Seeker

At my best friend’s wedding, a mutual friend of ours brought her obnoxious boyfriend as her date. He’s an attention whore who dances wildly think it’s funny, tried to repeatedly start a slow clap, he had to be told not to stand on chairs 3 times. He tried to break dance and knocked over the bride’s mother. [Senorpuddin]