These Celebs Are Complete Douchebags


Some celebrities can be really nice and some can be total doucheheads, usually due the fact that fame has completely gone to their heads. They are mean to their fans, act like they’re above everyone else and care about no else but themselves. Redditors describe the most rude, obnoxious celebs they’ve encountered and heard about.

1. Madonna

Madonna, the showing up 2-4 hours late for her concerts is not a new story. [dbasinge]

F#ck madonna. I had to work two of her shows a few years back. She cancelled one about an hour AFTER it was supposed to start and the second one she was three hours late getting on stage for. [cptcakes117]

2. Justin Bieber

Girlfriend took her cousin, a huge fan of his, to one of his concerts a few weeks ago. The cousin won them backstage passes and even the superfan cousin was worried he’d be a d*ck.

I guess there were a few times on stage he freaked out and stopped songs that he didn’t complete. One of them he was singing, then he’d stop to yell at the guitarist/back-up singer behind him that he was doing just fine and didn’t want his help. He rage quit that song. Then another that involved him playing an acoustic guitar that didn’t sound great, so he started complaining “Thanks guys. Thanks for giving me an untuned guitar! Thanks a lot!” then rage quit that song too.

To put some perspective on it, backstage the people rangling the fans got in each fan’s face and told them they weren’t allowed to scream, grab him, hug him, etc. Everyone. I think the guy loathes his career at this point and probably should retire for his sake. [HerpingtonDerpDerp]

3. Christopher Walken

My dad met Christopher Walken in a bar, but it wasn’t under pleasant circumstances.

Basically, Walken had been doing SOMETHING in the area (my dad has no clue what) and he walked in to the bar around 8 or 9pm. This was about 20 years ago or so.

As soon as Walken sits down, people at the bar start mobbing him for autographs, grabbing shitty stained napkins, baring skin, whatever it’d take to get his autograph.

He just stood up angrily, shouted something akin to “Fuck off! All of you! Leave me the fuck alone!” And then pointed to my dad and said, “But give that guy a drink on me. He’s the only one who didn’t give a shit.”

…or something to that effect. My dad doesn’t believe in being starstruck, so he kinda just went, “Neat, Christopher Walken,” and continued watching tv. [GeneralUrsaMinor]

4.  Christopher Paolini

The kid who wrote the Eragon books is notoriously hard to deal with; I remember working an event we were at and we literally had to run through the bookstore and hide every potentially sexual magazine/book/etc. because apparently they couldn’t keep him away from them. [sparkyinbozo]

5. Will Smith

Bad Boys 2 was filmed in Miami. One of the scenes involves the metro-mover (a mass transit rail system that operates in downtown). My father owned a large plot of empty land near a key metro-mover stop. He agreed to let them film and use his land as a base of operations. All he asked for in return was some passes for me and a friend to visit a “closed set”. I guess I was like 13 years old at the time. So myself, a friend of mine, and my father all go to the closed set on the specified day. Then, our guide asked us if we wanted to meet the stars.

We go up to the metro-mover station and see the filming taking place. Both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are there. After the scene was over, our guide approaches Will Smith and tries to tell him who we are, and how nice of our family it was to give the land for free for the filming. Will Smith proceeds to ignore her, and then blows past myself and my friend and leaves without even acknowledging us. My friend and I were crushed. Martin Lawrence saw all of this happen and immediately ran over to us. He apologized for Will Smith’s actions, and then talked to us for a good while. He was an incredibly nice person. But I was so disappointed in the way Will Smith treated us. He knew we were huge fans, that my family was doing their production a big favor, and didn’t give a single f#ck. [this_is_not_the_cia]

6. Ariana Grande

Friend of friend works in a high position at a casino she’s performed at. Says she a diva of epic proportions. Actually demanded to be carried on and off stage because she was so tired. [Dirtydeedsinc]

7. Michael Jordan

I have a waiter friend who took care of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley once. Apparently MJ told him that the privilege of waiting on them was his tip. Barkley slipped him a hundred on the way out and apologised. [westfunk]

8. Michael Phelps

Most people thought he was a tool in high school. He was the type of person to assume faculty would kiss his ass and be fine with him skipping class and not doing work because he was swimming. They hated him.

He would also randomly throw food in the hallway as people would herd out of lunch en masse. Only the administration liked him because he made them look good. [sonofamg]

I can confirm. He used to train at this pool club near my house where I swam competitively in the summer. It was also next to the only reasonably affordable ice rink in the area and a lot of people of all ages skated there. Phelps bought the ice rink despite lots of protests because he wanted to build his own training pool or something. Well, the rink closed, he never built the pool, he owns this building and hasn’t done shit with it for years. Meanwhile a loooot of people can no longer skate or play ice hockey in Baltimore because the only decent/affordable rink in the area closed.

He also came to visit the pool club in the height of his Olympic fame because he used to train there and they have a pretty good swim team. He was supposed to meet some of the younger swimmers and watch them train. He spent about 2 minutes meeting them and then retreated to this viewing area behind glass and demanding the pool staff bring him snacks. [phelpsthrowawaym]

9. Mike Myers

Mike Myers has such a bad reputation in Hollywood that it’s basically ruined his acting career. He still does voice work for Shrek projects, but other than that he’s basically been forced into retirement. [SnowHesher]

10. Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 

He makes no secret of it either. The guy legit will say what’s on his mind and he does whatever the f#ck he wants to prove what’s on his mind is right. [Entrepreneur_Girl ]


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