These Christians Don’t Celebrate Christmas

Some Christians who don’t celebrate the festival tell us why

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Christmas is a hugely popular festival not only for the Christian community, but also among the non-Christians worldwide. However, did you know that there are some Christians who do not celebrate this festival? Bayside Journal spoke to a few people to find out their reasons for not celebrating this festival.

There are various sects of Christians who, despite strictly following the Bible, don’t celebrate Christmas. Ivie D’Mello, a 30-year-old teacher says, “We follow the Bible and there is no mention of Christmas or the celebration. A lot of people consider us as non-Christians because we don’t celebrate Christmas, but how can we celebrate something that is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible?”

“Christmas has become commercialised, since it’s a festival celebrated worldwide and it’s also coincides with the holiday season. Though that is not the reason why we don’t celebrate the festival. There is no mention of December 25 as being Jesus’ birthday. How can we celebrate a day when we don’t even know the actual date? Jesus was born in Bethlehem, which is extremely cold during December, so it is very unlikely that the shepherds would be out in the open,” says Usha Unni, a 35-year-old Jehovah’s Witness and a dental professor. “Popular Christmas symbols such as Santa Claus, reindeer, snow, and the Christmas tree may now be considered to be Christmas related but none of these things are mentioned in the Bible.”

Many believe that the festival of Christmas originated from Roman pagan rituals and that Jesus preached that these rituals should not be followed. “I may not believe or celebrate Christmas but I do wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Most people, despite knowing and reading the Bible, choose to celebrate the festival. I respect that,”says Samuel Rose, a 42-year-old Christian who helps out in church services. These Christians also go for mass on Christmas Eve; however, they just treat this day just like any other.

Usha Unni says, “According to the Hebrew calendar, Jesus was crucified in the month of Nisan (April). The Bible says that Jesus was 33-and-a-half years old when he was crucified. Taking that into account, six months up or six months down would be his birth month, which clearly does not lead us to December being His birth month.”

Christmas may be a festival celebrated worldwide but there are still lots of people who have their reasons for not believing in it. They don’t stop anyone who celebrating and respecting them by greeting them with a ‘Merry Christmas!’

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