These Filmmakers Want to Create an Epic ‘Game of Thrones’ Style Ramayana


While Roman and Greek mythologies have been received really well by the global audiences, Indian mythologies largely cater to just the Indian market.

Which is why, two young filmmakers from opposite sides of the globe are taking it on themselves to take an Indian epic and present it a la Game of Thrones for the world.

“We want the Ramayan to appeal to the global audience, to people back in the States, Australia, China, Sri Lanka and others; and to that we are shooting the Ramayana with an all Indian crew. It will be shot in English but will also be dubbed in various languages as well as in 20 other global languages,” says Vineet Sinha, the Indian half of the duo.

Sean Graham (L) and Vineet Sinha (R)
Sean Graham (L) and Vineet Sinha (R)

“A brainchild of Sean [Graham] and me[Vineet Sinha] the Ramayana team has grown from being a meagre three member team to currently 50 people working on it. We are proud to say that we are overwhelmed with the response that we have got from people across borders and the world. The Ramayan will be created on the scale of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and the ‘Game of thrones’. Our aim is to replicate the Ramayan exactly in the same way it was thousands of years ago. From costumes to armour, the brotherly love of Ram and Laxman to the faithfulness of Princess Sita and obviously the monkey-god ‘Hanuman’ all will be relived through our ambitious project” states Vineet the co-director of ‘The Ramayan’.


It will be a short film of about 22 minutes – a live action adaptation of Ramayan with the main characters and their exile into the forest, that’s the reason it is titled ‘The Ramayan –Entering the Forest’. The team has travelled all over India to plot their shooting locations and they are greatly mesmerised by the fact that India has so much of natural beauty to offer to the world.

Ronnie Allman, Creative Director
Ronnie Allman, Creative Director

“While in the last few years or so India did create epic movies like ‘Bahubali’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’ but they haven’t catered to the global audience all over the world. With Ramayana, we want it to reach to the people of USA and others who have never even heard of ‘Ramayana’ before.  The Ramayan will be a mixture of Indian artist and International crew who will bring their highly expertise of VFX knowledge and use the best of technology including drones. Anyone from a kid to an adult or grandparents can watch this movie; it will capture the hearts and minds of the people” adds Sean Graham who is an American director and loves Valmiki’s Ramayana.

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