Things People are Proud of But Can’t Tell Anyone

Working towards a degree, a nerdy Youtube video and a dark secret— these Redditors can never reveal this to people they know


Redditors list out the little achievements they are proud of but cannot tell their family and friends.

1. I’ve Almost Graduated

I walked in June 2013 for my bachelor’s graduation. I was just 2 units shy of actually obtaining the degree. I told all my friends & family I graduated. Right at that time my mom got sick and I moved her out to me and took care of her the last 2 years of her life. I never went back to finish those 2 units.

I enrolled this past September and just completed all the coursework for my degree. I now just have to submit my graduation application and I will have that piece of paper.

I’m 33 and have been working towards it for 10 years now. [Joshuah_Airbender]

2. I’m 50 Plus and Still Have Sex

I am 51 and my husband and I are having great sex. Maybe the best in our marriage. Most of my friends have stopped themselves or their partner has stopped. I can’t fathom it. We work at it and it is like going out to play tennis or something. And ya, no one wants to hear this. * use it or lose it! [Tess47]

3. I Take Care of My Grandmother

That I wipe my grandma’s butt for her. I take care of her full time, and I am really proud of myself for keeping her clean, happy and as healthy as she can be. Part of that entails showering her, and of course, helping her in the bathroom. It’s weird to talk about with friends (since nobody really wants to hear about that obviously), but I feel proud of myself for helping her in her time of need. It gives me a weird sense of comfort knowing that my grandma doesn’t have a dirty butt lol. [DogsCantLookUp228]

4. I Work in a Sex Shop

Everyone always told me to get a job I loved and that would be all that matters. I work in a sex shop and I love it. However, I can’t tell my family besides my grandmother or they’ll have a cow. [DearMrsLeading]

5. 1’m 24 Hours Sober

Today marks the first day of my road to recovery. It’s my first 24 hours with no alcohol in I can’t even remember how long. Very few people knew the extent of my drinking, so while I’d love to share it with everyone because I’m extremely proud, I can’t really tell anyone close to me. [cecvt]

6. I’m Clean

Overcame heroin addiction, and have been clean for 9 years. [ourdreamsareinthesky]

7. I Look Out for My Kids

I started protecting and defending my kids when it clicked in my head that my wife is emotional and verbally abusive. [cpe123]

8. I’ve Lost Weight

I’ve lost 35 pounds so far! I still want to lose another 15-20, but I’m no longer overweight and my self-confidence is through the roof.

Of course I still have to pretend it was unintentional and that I haven’t lost as much as I really have, since my parents think that any sort of caloric restriction is anorexia nervosa. [AllDirectionBlind]

9. I Made a Pretty Athletic Move Once

My grandfather was a very proud WWII veteran. After his funeral, I was escorting my grandmother to the car when she dropped the folded up flag. I don’t know where the f*ck I pulled it out of, because I’m the polar opposite of athletic, but I turned a diving catch into a roll and popped right back up like nothing happened.

I never told anyone because I knew it would be embarrassing to my grandmother that she had dropped the flag, but on the inside I was like “Holy sh*t how did I do that?” [SighHereWeGoAgain]

10. I Have a Nerdy YouTube Video

I’m proud of a YouTube video I made a few weeks ago. It got a fair few upvotes here on Reddit, and I have been wanting to make this video for a while. I can’t show it to people who know me because it’s kind of stupid. It’s a 10-minute video where I explain a Back To The Future fan theory I came up with. The reason I can’t show it to family or co-workers is that they are all serious people and think I am too. They don’t know about Reddit or my YouTube channel. It’s not even that good of a video. It’s just silly and over the top. I’m just proud of it because I have wanted to make it for years. [latenightnerd]

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