Things People Hide from Their Partners

Fluffing her pillows, singing loudly in the car and saving money for a special gifts are some things people prefer to keep hidden from their significant others

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Significant others know almost everything there is to know about their partner. Their habits, their quirks their likes and dislikes. But, there are some things they do regularly their partners may be unaware of. Redditors tell us the sweet, silly and sometimes important things they’ve managed to keep hidden from their partners.

1. Sing in the Car

The extent to which I sing in the car. It’s a lot. but when I’m driving in the car with him I don’t sing at all. Alone though, it’s nonstop and it is powerful. [puppylovr946]

2. Fluff Her Pillows

I fluff her pillows up every night while she’s in the shower and she lets out a little happy ahh when she lays her head down. I think she just assumes they stay that way. [N1NJATAY]

3. Get Some Alone Time

When I leave work I sit in my car for a few minutes and just enjoy the silence, I think of it as my meditation time. [Just_Drunken_Posts]

4. Take the Smaller, Uneven Portion

Whenever I make dinner and portion it out onto two plates, I always take the plate that doesn’t look as good as the other. Also, if the portions don’t split evenly, I take the smaller plate. [Dahkeus]

5. Clean

Clean the house. Pretty sure she just thinks it stays that way some magical way. [plax1780]

6. Try and Understand Him

Take classes to help me understand his PTSD and Depression better. [TheDevilsLettuce91]

7. Save Money for Gifts

He is a very rational person, and he always says that I shouldn’t buy him things and just buy things for myself, but I love to do it and I know that he’s happy when I give them to him.

When I go shopping, I first look for things for him, and after I get him something, I go and do my thing. [thatfatpenguin]

8. Play on His Computer

I get up early on weekends to play Overwatch on his computer. His computer can run it, mine can’t. He sleeps in on weekends. No one gets hurt. Don’t you dare judge me this is the life I live. [emiloca]

9. Spare His Feelings

We pass several farms on the way to anywhere, and every so often a cat has gotten run over. He is particularly fond of cats but never actually takes a good look at the roadkill, so when he asks “was that a cat” I tell him no. Every time. I think some times he doesn’t really believe me but most of the time I can convince him it was something else.

I love him and hate when he is sad.

10. Saving Up for a Special Surprise

I regularly put any extra money I make in a special savings account so that one day I’ll be able to buy my S/O something special as a surprise. [Back2Bach]