Things That Are Worth Spending Extra Money on

Many believe there are some things that are just not worth spending too much money on, like underwear, pillows or crayons. So they used to be thrifty and buy the cheapest pillows or crayons out there till they tried the real thing. And now they can’t go back! Who knew that really good pillow could improve your sleep tenfold? Or that a good quality pen made you write more! Here are some things people used to be kanjoos about before and now buy only the best.

1. Underwear

Underwear. I used to wear cheap wal-mart underwear until it fell apart. Then my SO bought me an expensive pair and it felt like my junk was floating on a cloud. I’m never going back. [Evilmoleman]

2. Tools

Tools. Quality tools will get the job done quickly without breaking the tool, the thing being tooled, or your skin. And they will last more than a lifetime. [judgestorch]

3. Bakery Bread

Bakery bread, made that day. After living in Montreal for years and getting my bread fresh from the bakery, I can’t go back to that sugary, foam-rubbery, floppy, bland supermarket bread. Even the fancy stuff doesn’t even come close. Bakery bread is expensive and an extra effort to get it, but so worth it. Good bread is one of the essential pleasures in life. [zazzlekdazzle]

4. Pillows

Pillows. Pillows are so goddamn important. After I got one that’s pretty expensive, yet the most comfortable I could possibly get, my sleep quality has increased 10/10. [ravenlineup]

5. Bras

Bras, good quality properly fitted bras. [Munchkingrl]

It’s amazing how many of us are wearing the wrong size and don’t realize it. I had a fitting a few years ago and the difference is amazing. [10S_NE1]

6. Toothbrush

My toothbrush. Its one of those Sonicare vibrating ones. I will never forget how fresh my teeth felt after using it the first time, and my dentist even compliments me on how much less plaque I have now. Also I use to get a bunch of cavities, 2-3 would be filled every 6 months despite good dental hygiene (bad genetics), and now I have 1 filled every other year or so. [ParkCity87]

7. Makeup

Makeup. It’s f***ing expensive… but once I find the right brand for whatever the product is, it will take a lot for me to choose anything else, no matter the price. There are a lot of great drug store products and makeup is mostly a rip-off, but it still doesn’t compare to my favorite professional quality products. [RompiendoMal ]

One trick, though: If you buy expensive mascara, you can save the brush (clean it, of course) and use it with drug store mascara. The reason expensive mascara is so expensive is because of the brush, not usually the actual black product in it.

8. Socks and Shoes

Socks and shoes. I used to scoff at people for paying $20+ for a single pair of socks, when you could buy a 6 pack of hanes for like $10.

I’ll never go back to Hanes again.

Then shoes; my god the difference between a cheap $14 pair of shoes and a well made pair of $80 to $120 shoes is amazing. [mysterious_baker]

9. Pens

Pens. Once I started using better quality ones I started taking more random notes at work just so I could write something down. [jhereg10]

10. Dress Shirts

Growing up I bought the cheapest stuff that had a design / color I liked. I thought the way they aged and came out of the dryer was normal.

Then I bought some $50-100 non-iron shirts from a suit place.

Holy cow. They come out of the dryer needing no ironing (duh) if you remove them promptly. The material is thicker and hangs better. They last years longer. The cloth doesn’t shrink as much. The color stays longer.

It’s the Sam Vimes Boots Theory of Wealth, applied to shirts. Spend twice as much up front and save 3-4x over the life of the shirt. [phatblackdude]

11. Crayons

When I was a little kid, like think 4-5, I realized quickly if you were going to color you used Crayola and only Crayola crayons. Those cheap Rose Art crayons sucked. [yup_its_mombo]

12. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper. It’s absolutely worth spending extra on the good stuff. [The_Max_Power_Way]