This Ad Will Change The Way You Think About Exams

TVCs are slowly going beyond extolling the virtues of the brands they are meant to promote. They are slowly but surely moving towards inspiring and motivating the audience with a larger social message that goes beyond the brand. Advertisements for malt-based health drinks for kids especially are usually seen to promote height, stamina and mental acuity and this has been the case for decades now.

Bournvita, the popular kids’ drink is back with another brilliant TVC conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather. The advertisement, titled ‘Bournvita Badam Booster- Tayyari Har Exam Ki’, features a principal speaking to a couple of parents on their children’s upcoming exams. She asks them how much percentage they got in their 9th standard exams. None of them seem to remember. She then mentions a fact about her own exams which takes the viewers by surprise. What does she say that is so insightful and so right? We suggest you watch the full TVC below.