This Dog Costs Rs 1 Crore


What can you get for Rs 1 crore in India? A nice flat (hopefully in Mumbai), a fancy top of-the-line luxury car, decent retirement income and a Korean mastiff. Satish S, breeder and president of Indian Dog Breeders’ Association, who resides in Bengaluru has bought two one month old Korean mastiff pups, a male and a female for a whopping Rs 1 crore, EACH.

This is the first time this rare breed has come to India. They will be flying in from China. “This is a dream come true, I wanted this dog for over 20 years,” said Satish according to TOI. Satish has over 150 breeds in his farmhouse in Kumbalgodu and has been a dog breeder for a quarter of a century. He has also purchased a 65 lakh Tibetan mastiff previously.

The dogs will receive a royal welcome from Bengaluru International airport to Satish’s house in Banashankari II Stage. He has rented a Rolls Royce and borrowed a Land Rover to transport the dogs in comfort and style. They will be kept in an air-conditioned room around the clock since they come from a cooler climate.

The Korean Dosa Mastiff is characterised by their heavy wrinkled skin which forms in loose folds around their body. The dog can weigh from 72-84 kg and stands at between 23-30 inches. The breed originated in Korea and was developed as a working dog in the 1800s. The dog is known to be affectionate and good with people.

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