This is What the Nigerian ‘Witch Boy’ Looks Like Now

Hope was an emaciated 2-year old boy wandering the streets of Nigeria till Anja Ringgren Lovén found him a little over 8 weeks ago. The image of her feeding the child a drink of water from her bottle shocked the world.  Anja, a Danish philanthropist and founder of African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation was worried the fragile child might not survive when she took him into her orphanage, Dinnødhjælps.

Facebook/Anja Ringgren Lovén
Facebook/Anja Ringgren Lovén

We are happy to see that the boy has experienced a miraculous recovery. He has put on weight and looks happy to be among his ’35 new brothers and sisters’. Although Hope needs a routine surgery to help correct his incomplete developed urethra, he seems absolutely fine says, Anja on her Facebook page.

Anja came across the children who were branded ‘witches’ on her visit to Nigeria 3 years ago. She had observed that “they had been tortured and beaten almost to death because they were accused of being witches and therefore left alone on the street”.