This Man Has Perfected the Art of Selfies With Animals

Allan Dixon is the real-life Dr Dolittle

Instagram/ @daxon

Allan Dixon, a 29-year-old Irishman, is “the real-life Dr Dolittle”. His animal selfies are the cutest, candid pictures you have ever seen, and the best part about them is that the animals are not coerced into posing for photographs. The ‘animal whisperer’, adventurer and all-round cool dude is currently in Perth, Australia. He runs his travel and nature-based vlog on Youtube and posts regular selfies on Instagram. Here are some of his best selfies:

Here’s a big, sloppy kiss from a giraffe

Seal you later mate!

Excuse me mate, can you guide me to the kangaroos?

A quick cut and style

How high can this dog jump?



Day 42 in the field. They suspect nothing #whpdisguise #disguise

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The Year of the Rooster

We’re going crazy!

Cool haircut guys!

Great hairstyles grow in the family. You copying me bro? Follow => @daxon for more! #whpfamilypet #DaxonsAnimalSelfies

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Meet Dawg

He’ll be your teddy bear, just give him some time

Do you want an ice cream?

No dogs allowed, eh?

Meet Dave Quack

And now for a final explosion of adorableness