This Man Put Up An Ad For Valentine’s Day Offering Dinner, an Audi, and iPhones. Five Women Won It

Gurgaon man who asked for a Valentine’s date on Facebook took five ladies out for a posh dinner

Facebook/Shakul Gupta

When Shakul Gupta wrote about finding a date for Valentine’s Day and offering them iPhone 7s, a posh dinner at a five-star hotel, and “memorable moments” on Facebook, no one took him seriously. In fact, they ridiculed him on Facebook. The entrepreneur with an Audi A4’s profile included ‘fun facts’ about himself— such as he’s a sweet talker and is “able to convince a 100kg lady that she looks like Taylor Swift”. The post was shared 16,000 times with people tagging friends and laughing at Shakul’s expense in the comments.

Shakul was no liar; he kept his word. He received 2000 applicants and shortlisted five. The process took his “team” and him long that he had to postpone his Valentine’s Dinner to February 16.

He took five lucky ladies out on a expensive dinner in Gurgaon for which he offered proof. He even posed with the five pretty ladies at dinner at the Oberoi as promised–note the brand new iPhone 7s placed in full view on the table. And if you wondering if 2000 women (presumably) really approached Shakul, he has shared a screenshot of the number of conversations he had.

The food bill
A screenshot of total conversations

Ladies who are disappointed about passing Shakul off as a joke need not fret. Shakul has said there might be a next time. After all, who can say no to a guy who can “make you laugh at anytime” and “answer rocket science queries”? An expensive smartphone and a five-star dinner is just the icing on the cake.