This Photographer Tells Stories with Superhero Action Figures


For fans of comic books and pop culture, an action figure of their favourite character is a prized possession. Some fans keep their memorabilia in mint condition (sealed), some enact situations with their favourite characters (we’re not judging), and some place them around the office and living space. Japanese photographer Hot.kenobi plays with his action figures to create some amazing stories. Here are some of our favourites:

Spiderman and Deadpool doing the dishes

Batman stealing Harley Quinn from her boyfriend—The Joker

Superman and Batman crushing it


Spidey and Deadpool caught mid-action

Iron Man and Captain America emulating a scene from La La Land 

3D Printing a new shield for Captain

Luke Skywalker plays football with C-3P0’s head

Looks like Spidey and Deadpool are back to being friends

Does Mickey Mouse control the Marvel and Star Wars Universe?

Avengers assemble!