This Shopping Portal Thought I Had Two Left Feet

A customer service call gone funny

Have you looked a person and wondered why the hell that person was even talking in the first place? Have you ever wondered how stupid some people can be? Have you ever wondered after telephone conversation how stupid it was to begin with?

Here’s a little incident that happened with me. Having ordered a pair of shoes from a “reputed” online shopping website, I was very happy as this would the first time I bought something with my own money.

The order arrived around 6 in the evening and I was more than excited to unbox it and try on my brand new shoes!

On unwrapping it, I picked out one shoe and to my absolute delight, it looked way better than it did in the picture. I put it on my left foot before moving on to try on the second shoe. The shoe fit perfectly! I couldn’t contain my happiness and it showed on my face in the form of a big goofy smile.

Then came the moment when I took out the second shoe from the box. And guess what? IT TOO WAS FOR THE LEFT FOOT! I was a little disappointed but I thought to myself, “Chal yaar galti ho gayi hogi.”

I dialed the customer care number and this is how the conversation went when the customer care executive answered my call.

Me: Hi. So I got my order today and there’s a problem with it.
Customer Care Representative (CCR): Sir, can I know your order


Me: Yes, it is O**********.

CCR: Give me a minute and I’ll have a look into it.

Me: Sure.

CCR: I have information that this is about your last order for the grey sport shoes. Is that correct?

Me: Yes, it is.

CCR: Cool. Can I know the issue you are facing?

Me: So the problem is that the shoes that I received are both for the left foot. It would be great if I could have the shoes replaced.

CRE: Sorry sir, but that won’t be possible as these were only pair available.

Me (After a really long pause having no clue how to respond to this): Okay. So I guess I’ll just return them.

CRE: Okay Sir, I’ll schedule the pick-up for tomorrow evening.

Me: Thank you.

CRE: Anything else that I can help you with, Sir?

Me: No. Thank you.

*Hangs up*

To date, I wonder who received the pair of shoes for the right foot.  That’s one of the many “stupid” incidents that I’ve personally had.

Have you experienced something similar? If yes, write to us at [email protected] and we might just put it up on our website!