This Short Film Will Make You Want To Hug Your Mum

‘These Days’ is a tearjerker about a mother’s unconditional love for her kids

It’s that time of the year when people will upload pictures with their mothers on social media. Yes, it is Mother’s Day. But some people go beyond uploading pictures with their mothers, Febin Anto made a short film.

These Days is a short film directed by Febin and was released on YouTube on May 12 to a great response. The film has been created by people who have no connection to the entertainment industry. Akash Tyagi, the actor of this movie is an MBA student and Febin is an MBA working at Kotak Mahindra.

I was one of the few lucky ones to watch this movie before its official release and it left me speechless. The 15-minute film sweeps you off your feet with its relatable storyline. Right from its first scene, it makes you look back at everything you’ve said to your mother, good or bad. It makes you realise that you are not the only one who is getting older.

Febin Anto
Febin Anto

On asking Febin the reason behind choosing a sensitive topic like mothers, he said, “What we’ve tried to show in this film is something everyone can relate to. It happens with me and most of the people working and forgetting who their permanent fall backs are. Everybody would have had similar experiences and this is just an attempt to remind you of such instances.”

Usha, who plays the mother in the film
Usha, who plays the mother in the film

The way the cast and crew of These Days found each other is also quite unusual. Akash, the actor was spotted by Febin on Facebook. “I saw his profile on my Facebook page and after talking for a bit we realised that we have similar passion and intents. Within days the plan was finalised and in no time, we were shooting the first sequence. Usha Ma’am ( the actress that plays the mother) lives in Bangalore and I got introduced to her as she does theatre often. Salil, Arun and Aishwarya all joined in and the cast was complete,” he says.

All of us know that our mothers do so much for us, but the way These Days expresses a mother’s selfless devotion to her children is amazing. Febin showed the movie to his mother and she was blown away by the script and how it was handled.

The climax of the film makes you smile and fills you with happy tears, but it was the most difficult sequence for the cast to shoot. “The climax scene was difficult because it had to include the complete emotion of this film,” Febin shares, and it is difficult to express so much in a short movie.


It took six months for Febin to make this movie, from conceptualization to release. After the film was released to the public, the cast and crew are full of emotions. “A set of strangers started working on this project, but the first day we all met, it did not feel like it was the first meeting. We worked really hard for this movie, the actors and the people behind the camera and now watching this go live is a dream that we all are living with our eyes open,” Febin shares. “My experience has been extremely enriching. When I got the first draft of the script, I knew I had to do this. Febin kept the idea really simple and gave me all the freedom that was needed to act and improvise. This movie has taken a lot of effort and sleepless nights of shooting. I’m just hoping this is a start,” says Akash.

This movie made me cry and it made me smile, it made me bring dhaniya from the supermarket without complaining even once, and it made my mother smile, even if was for just a second.

Watch it here