This Woman Has Installed A Fridge Outside Her Restaurant in Kerala to Feed the Poor


Minu Pauline has been all over the news over the past few days. She’s the woman from Kerala who installed a fridge outside her restaurant Pappadavada in Kochi, Kerala so that poor people could eat for free.

The project is called Nanma Maram which means ‘goodness tree’ and started off when she realised that a lot of poor people were asking her for food and she had to refuse them all the time.

“Outside my restaurant there is a yellow colour flower tree called ‘Konna’, Nanma Maram is inspired by this tree which means spreading the goodness of the tree. I myself store 50 packets of food inside the fridge and all the expenses from the electricity to the fridge and its maintenance are borne by me. Poor people used to ask me for food and I could not provide food to each and every one personally that’s when I got this idea to install a public fridge where not only I could store food but even the people of Kerala could come and store food which the poor and needy people could have access to directly,” explains Minu.


Nanma Maram – the fridge (420 litres) which is located outside Pappada Vada, Kaloor Kathrikadavu road in Kochi works 24×7 providing free food to the poor and needy. It was launched on March 23 was inaugurated by Malayali Actor Joju George. While Minu is really happy and satisfied that the project has successfully launched, she is overwhelmed by the kind of response that she is getting from the people of Kerala and the support that is pouring in from all over India.


While most of the food is stocked by Minu herself, she adds “I request the people of Kerala to bring extra food at home and not to buy it from restaurant or food plazas. The food must be fresh and neatly packed with insistence on the date of preparation on it. People from all walks of life are welcomed to support this cause and help in feeding the poor so that the ones in need don’t have to starve anymore. The general items like chapatti, upma, rice, dal etc. are stored in the fridge.

While many are doing their bit by giving their extra food at home to ‘Nanma Maram’ it has also come as a ray of light for the poor and homeless people who have nowhere to go in search of food. In one of the videos regarding Nanma Maram one poor person states that “The restaurant does not charge any money and the food is absolutely free for us and it’s fresh as well. We could not have asked for more.”

When we asked Minu when all the food gets over she replies “I try and keep the fridge stored with as much food as possible. Around 10 in the night I store 30 to 40 packets of food and within 15 to 20 minutes these packets are over and you will see a lot of people feeding themselves. It gives great joy to do something for the society and I would love to take this initiative to other parts of Kerala as well.

The Bayside Journal congratulates Minu on starting a noble cause for the poor and needy by providing them with free food 24×7.