This Woman Quit Her Job to Travel Around the World With Her Dog

Marina Piro restored an old van and set off on a journey around the world with her labradoodle


Italian-born Marina Piro had a secure job in north-east England and an adorable labradoodle. Some may say she had it all. But an office job can’t quench your thirst for travel. So Piro quit her job to become a “self sufficient forest fairy” along with her faithful, loyal friend—Odie. She kitted out a five-door Renault Kangoo with LED lights, gas supply and insulation and turned into a dog-friendly mobile home. There is a bed and a kitchenette for a cosy living experience as well. The total cost of converting the van into a moving home was 500 pounds (INR 40,000 approx).

Piro updates her blog and Instagram regularly with accounts of her travels. Here are some of our favourite posts:

Piro never planned on getting a travel companion; but when she saw Odie, a rescue dog, it was love at first bark. We can see why

That view and this dog <3

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.02.47 PM

Here’s how she takes a warm bath. Pretty ingenious, isn’t it?

Bravo Odie, Bravo!

The ever-dependable Pam the Van

#pamthevan has made it to Italy with no struggles, so proud of her!

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Look how cosy it is!

Here’s how you pack for a road trip

Odie is too busy enjoying the view

Odie enjoying th incredible view of Lyon #vanlife #pamthevan #lyon

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Odie likes to trek!

Hike in the stunning val ferret valley #pamthevan #vanlife #valledaosta #valferret

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But not too much

This is paradise

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Odie’s got company!

Any suggestions for Odie?

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