Three Reasons to Buy a Used Nissan!

Three very compelling arguments in favor of buying a Nissan the next time you plan on buying a car.


Buying a used vehicle can be daunting, to say the least. Can you trust the dealership or previous owner you’re buying it from? Will you get value for money? Is there something you’re not being told? The list of questions can go on forever. However, if you buy smart, owning a pre-owned vehicle could just be your best decision yet, especially if you buy a used Nissan. Here’s why…

1. Nissan’s Valid Value Program

The only way to ensure potential buyers of a top quality used product is to give them a guarantee that it adheres to stringent criteria. It’s with this thinking in mind that Nissan designed its Valid Value Program. Only vehicles that are less than 3 years old, have less than a 100,000km on the odometer and have a full-service history can be considered for the program. These select vehicles each have to undergo a 101-point quality check and be verified not to have been stolen or have financial or legal claims against it. Nissan furthermore offers a 20-day exchange policy and free safety checks for as long as you own the vehicle with roadside assistance and a 2-year warranty as optional extras.

2. A Proud Nissan Heritage

The Japanese automaker’s reputation as a top quality brand alone is good enough reason to consider buying a used Nissan. With over 5 decades of presence in our country, it has earned a loyal following. Just the number of Nissan vehicles seen on our roads daily speaks volumes of the brand’s longevity and popularity. Plus, many Nissan vehicles are manufactured locally, which makes parts readily available, unlike some European competitors that could leave you stranded for weeks waiting on imported components. Nissan also boasts a countrywide dealership network assuring owners of exceptional support wherever their travels may take them.

3. A Comprehensive Product Line

There’s an undoubtedly used Nissan out there that will see to every possible individual want or need – from the modern hatch and family sedan to the workhorse pickup, off-roader 4×4 and even a sports car or two. Depending on budget and requirements buyers can take their pick from older and newer models that include popular variations such as the Micra, Livina, Qashqai, X-Trail, Navara, Patrol and powerful range of pickups such as the NP200 which has followed on The heritage of the legendary little Datsun bakkie and bigger brother NP300. Pick one with the Valid Value stamp of approval and you’re guaranteed of a clever buy.

Source by Kamesh G