Three Types of Incisions Used In Breast Augmentation Surgery

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There are several types of incisions that are used in breast augmentation surgery. The location of the incision may be determined by either your breast size or by the type of breast augmentation surgery that is being performed. During your pre-surgery consultation, you will be making a decision about where you want the incision to be placed.

Dr. Nuveen has performed over 7,000 breast implant related surgeries and has used each incision technique thousands of times. He will advise you regarding the site where the incision will be the least noticeable. Listed below are the three most common incision techniques and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

1. Inframammary

The inframammary incision is made underneath the breast near the line where the breast meets the skin of the chest. This is the most common incision location for most women who choose breast augmentation surgery. The inframammary incision is also the best technique for helping to raise the position of your nipple. This incision should also have little effect on breastfeeding.

2. Axillary

The axillary incision is made in the armpit. This incision is hidden in creases in the skin under the arm. This armpit incision is well hidden with the arms at your sides and should decrease problems if you decide to breastfeed. However, with sleeveless clothing, it may be noticeable. The armpit incision also leaves no scars on your breasts. An incision located in the armpit is a good alternative if you don’t have much sagging and have smaller breasts prior to your breast augmentation surgery.

3. Periareolar

The periareolar incision is made around the areola (the brown pigmented area surrounding the nipple). With this technique, you will have a more conspicuous scar if a large breast implant is used because the skin will stretch. There is also a higher risk of losing sensation in the area and a well documented increase in infection risk due to interruption of the ducts of the breast. When choosing the periareolar incision for your breast augmentation surgery you will want to consider whether or not you will breastfeed in the future. This method typically hinders breastfeeding when the milk ducts are cut.

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