Tibetian Mahakala Mask Wall Hanging For Protection

The mask though demonic-looking has helped many people around the world to ward off evil energies from their house or workplace.

The Tibetan culture has provided the world with a number of beneficial elements. One of them is a Mahakala Mask. This widely used mask is a depiction of the face of a fierce Tibetan God, Mahakala. The mask though demonic-looking has helped many people around the world to ward off evil energies from their house or workplace.

Mahakala is a deity worshipped in Buddhism who is also known as the Protector of Dharma. By nature, he is a fierce god and is also frequently compared to Lord Shiva due to their similar angry behavior. The mask is inspired from Mahakala and is popular for the same reasons as Mahakala itself is. According to ancient beliefs, people belonging to Tibetan culture began using the Mahakala Mask for protection when they were a nomadic tribe. Though now, the mask is mostly hung on walls rather than tents, Mahakala is still known as the ‘Lord of the Tent’.

Significance Of A Tibetan Mahakala Mask:

  • A Tibetan Mahakala Mask of a dark blue color symbolizes the steady nature of dharma. Placing this in one’s surroundings leads to a steady professional and personal growth in life.
  • Just how the color black absorbs all other colors, a Mahakala Mask of black color absorbs all the negative energies of a place and becomes a source of positive energy.
  • A red Mahakala Mask stands for the fiery nature of the god and wards off any evil elements from the place where it is displayed.
  • A Tibetan Mahakala Mask in white stands for peace. Some people also believe it to be a way to attain financial stability and abundance of wealth.
  • People from Tibet say that a Mahakala Mask is the ultimate cure to rid a place of evil spirits. The demonic face of the mask scares the spirits away.
  • Since the primary purpose of this mask is to keep away harmful energies from a place, it is said that the ideal place to display it would be on the outer side of the main entrance of a place. That way, every incoming energy will have to go through the eyes of the God before entering the space.
  • Because it is also regarded as a reincarnation of Lord Shiva, hanging a Tibetan Mahakala Mask also ensures that the particular place is blessed by none other than the Neelkanth himself.
  • If displayed at the entry of a workspace, this mask removes the possibility of any barriers that may come in the way of one’s success. The powerful eye of Mahakala removes the barriers effectively.

Mahakala is regarded as a menacing and powerful embodiment of compassion, enlightenment, and protection. Believers of the Tibetan culture vouch for the fact that the Tibetan Mahakala Mask has brought about major changes in their life.

Source by Divya Mantra