Tips for Restoring Your Vintage Dolls’ Prams

Although it is possible to purchase a lovely doll’s pram through various shops and online stores these days, there’s still a tinge of nostalgia in finding a vintage doll’s pram. It reminds you of childhood, of days gone by, and an entire world ended.

Unfortunately, most of these vintage dolls’ prams you can find in the thrift stores are in rather a poor shape. Some people may wish to purchase these prams for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they’re nostalgic, or maybe they wish to gift their child with it. After all, these vintage dolls’ prams have been beloved by little girls for decades. They always have a timeless appeal that seems to spark interest across ages.

So how exactly do you restore a vintage doll’s pram? First of all, take a good look at it. Inspect every nook and cranny. List down its problems and weaknesses and make sure you don’t miss anything. Every spot of rust, every little detail requires attention.

Now that you have a list of what’s wrong with it, you may want to do a second list. This time, take note of what actually still works. It won’t be vintage anymore if you strip it completely bare and recreate a new pram, right? So make sure you recognize the parts that are salvageable.

Next, remove the upholstery if it is completely beyond repair. For most prams, the upholstery is always the first to go. Get rid of the top cover and the lining of the pram itself. However, try to keep it for some time so when it’s time to reupholster, you’ll be able to look for cloth and accessories that are reminiscent of the original.

With the upholstery stripped, it’s now time to take a look at the chassis. Here the usual problems are rust and decay. Check out the wheels. Are they still in good working condition? Remove the tires and give them a good scrubbing. Apply a rust protector and re-attach. Paint the entire chassis. Just give it a good wash of white to give it a brand new and fresh look.

Finally, work on the hood and upholstery. You removed it earlier, now find a cloth that matches the original and start sewing. Patterns for the hood can usually be found online, but if you can’t find any you can always do your own measurements and sew accordingly.

In many ways, these are the easy parts of restoration. The problem begins when your vintage dolls’ prams are far beyond repair. In some cases, there are parts of the chassis that are no longer working. In such cases, you may have to contact the manufacturer to see if parts are still available. Otherwise, you may have to seek out modern shops and see if any of their parts can work with your pram.

Finally, since this is a restoration, you can also choose to customise a bit according to your tastes. Would you like a vibrant, very different color for the hood? It’s up to you. Restoring a vintage doll’s pram is a great hobby, and it allows you to give the children in your life a great toy to play with for much cheaper.

Source by Suzanne Price