Titanfall for Xbox Review

Titanfall Review

For fans of arena-based shooters it can be hard to find a game that holds our interest anymore. After being a long-term combatant on the fields of Halo and Battlefield, looking back on my deployments in Unreal and Quake seem distant and childish; Like a strange infancy that lead me to what I play now. But This Titanfall review will show you my transition back to arena-based shooters and how the transition was not as painful as I imagined. Titanfall delivers a truly fun and exciting rebirth of great multiplayer gaming.

Leaving the Military Game

Do not get me wrong, Call of Duty and Battlefield are great games. I’ve enjoyed many years of service with those games. When I started playing Titanfall to write a Titanfall review, however, I remembered the good old days with extreme physics, crazy weapons, and cool, futuristic battlegrounds. For so long I had been confederated to a military-based games with weapons based on real weapons, battlegrounds straight from Iraq or eastern Europe, and actual physics. As soon as I started I started jumping high and throwing grenades 100 yards, I thought to myself, “Oh yeah, video games do not have to be real. Do in the real world.

Weapons, Weapons, Weapons

Once you break out of the military standard for a arena-based shooter, I found when play for the purpose of writing a Titanfall review, I loved the machines and the weapons you get to play with. Just having a larger gun and big mechanical suits that the game makers balance very well. Having a Titan load and dropping down into the battle is great fun and flows seamlessly during gameplay.

Nothing’s Perfect

There are a few things that Titanfall does not have that were large reasons why I enjoy some other games like Call of Duty or Battlefield like branching objects, evolving maps or destructible scenery. The game play is great and fluid but even a few more maps would have been nice.

Overall, though, Titanfall was a joy to play. It made me step back and appreciate a first-person shooter that was not based in my reality. I got to play in a new, though not interactive, maps and pilot large machines that flowed nicely from player to-machine gameplay. All-in-all, Titanfall is a must have for any fan of arena-based gaming. What it may lack in features like interactive maps, game modes, and objectives it makes up for in shear fun and entertainment.

Source by Nicolas N Ortega

Titanfall for Xbox Review
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Titanfall for Xbox Review
For fans of arena-based shooters it can be hard to find a game that holds our interest anymore.
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