Tollin/robbins’ Wild Hogs a Worldwide Hit

Wild Hogs, the latest big screen offering from One Tree Hill producers Michael Tollin and Brian Robbins, has been a success in worldwide box offices, making a total of a little short of $200 million. The film had opened and took the top spot in European countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia. It also snatched the number one spot from Mr. Bean’s Holiday, a British film which was briefly overthrown by Wild Hogs. Mr. Bean’s Holiday resurfaced with $2.7 million sales, multiplying the expected figure of $800,000 more than three times.

Wild Hogs did receive their share of poor reviews from critics all over the U.S., however it was still considered a success venture for Tollin and Robbins, executive producers for One Tree Hill, the popular WB drama series. The two producers have also founded their own production company Tollin/Robbins, and the company has been credited for various Nickelodeon hit shows such as All That, The Amanda Show and Kenan and Kel.

Aside from the success of One Tree Hill, WB’s Smallville, which features Tom Welling as the young Superman, is also credited to Tollin/Robbins. They also produced the comedy series What I Like About You, starring Amanda Bynes from All That and Jennie Garth from Beverly Hills 90210.

Wild Hogs chronicles the adventures of four middle-ages men from a suburban neighborhood in Cincinnati, who suddenly decide to get together and drive their motorcycles across the country in search of a wild adventure. Tim Allen, William H. Macy, Martin Lawrence and John Travolta are featured in this comedy film, and they are accompanied by supporting cast composed of John C. McGinley, Ray Liotta, Marissa Tomei, Stephen Tobolowsky and Peter Fonda. Wild Hogs was directed by Walt Becker and co-produced by Kristin Burr, Todd Lieberman, Amy Sayres and Sharla Sumpter.

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Source by Groshan Fabiola