Top 10 Things To See In Mumbai

Go and explore the life of Mumbai in these top 10 popular places

Mumbai, India is a fascinating place to visit. The city itself has a population of approximately 13 million. But when you add in a couple of the suburbs the number goes up to about 19 million. Hotel rooms are at a premium so be sure you have a reservation well in advance of going there or you may not be able to get a room. Do not try to drive yourself. Get a driver who knows how to navigate through what looks like a whole parking lot of vehicles coming at you at rapid speed.


1. Gateway of India
This landmark is where English King George V landed in India. The people of Mumbai made this beautiful memorial to him. Gandhi came back from South Africa and passed through this arch on his return.


2. Chor Bazaar
The literal translation of this market is the Thieves Market”. If you love antiques this is the place for you. There is a whole neighborhood or several streets of nothing but antique shops. You may find that treasure you have been looking for for years and at a great price.


3. Bhau Daji Ladd Museum
This is a wonderfully restored museum that displays an extensive and beautiful decorative collection of their arts. This may be the best overall museum in Mumbai. It is worth the trip to see this museum.


4. Haji Ali Mosque
An unforgettable sight, at sunset, you can look out at the jetty sitting in the Arabian Sea and see this wonderful mosque silhouetted in the sky. It is a beautiful white mosque built to honor the Muslim saint Haji Ali and houses his remains.


5. Chowpatty Beach
You come here for the excitement of seeing the people, the food stalls and the tantalizing Indian food that is available to try. This is that place girls and boys find each other for a romantic stroll on the beach. There is also a Ferris wheel that does not have a motor. It is run by young men climbing on top of the wheel, then jumping on the next rung down making the wheel rotate.


6. Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum
This is the two-story building where Mahatma Gandhi once lived. It is now a museum, library and research center. It is all about Gandhi’s life and the many struggles that took place for India to receive its freedom peacefully. This is a very remarkable place.


7. Flora Fountain
Found in Martyr’s Square and in the heart of Mumbai’s business district, a very ornate and stately fountain.


8. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
A masterpiece of Gothic architecture and stained-glass windows, this is India’s most beautiful railway station. It has towering spires, domed arches and buttresses, and pillars of animal images carved into them.


8. Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market
The local people call this market Crawford Market and it is a must see. It is housed in a building that looks like something right out of Victorian London. You will find little shops and stalls everywhere selling vegetables, pickles, chocolates, toothpaste, meats, camera items and much more. This is a place you will want to see.


9. Jehangir Art Gallery
The gallery exhibits art from the past to the present. An art gallery that Indian artist wants to have their work exhibited in because of its prestige.


10. Esselworld
An amusement park and water park combined just north of Mumbai. This is the place to get away from the city and relax for a few hours or a day. A great family place where you can enjoy the charm of India.

Source by Jim Ada