Top 5 Tips To Choose a Gym Membership

Top 5 Tips To Choose a Gym Membership

Joining a health Club isn’t as clear cut as you may think, there are numerous things to consider. By looking over the few guidelines provided below you’ll be ensured that the decision to enhance your health this year isn’t to the detriment of your wealth.


1. When first walking into a Health Club ask yourself the following:
• Ensure you always shop around (just because a club may be cheaper doesn’t mean it is a good investment)
• Try visiting the club at the hours you are most likely to train to rate both availability of parking and access to equipment?
• Is the staff friendly? Do they want to be there?
• Does the club have all the equipment I need now and may need in the future? (is there enough variety of choices as my training interests change?)
• Do they appear to up-grade and maintain their equipment?
• Do they have the specific classes I would use? What are the timings of the classes?
• What is the locker room access like?
• Are the toilets cleanly maintained?

2. When sitting down to discuss the membership options of the club ask the following?
• Does the club provide periodic assessments to assist you in your progress? Do they have professionally qualified personal trainers?
• What does your membership entitle you access to e.g.
 Some clubs have certain passes for specific times of access throughout the day
 Some clubs break up access to different facilities within the club such as; classes and pool use only; gym floor use only
 Some chains of clubs offer reciprocal rights of access to the other clubs within their chain e.g. gold passes and silver passes


3. Before committing yourself to a membership contract, you should consider the following:
• Be aware of high pressure sales tactics and ‘special deals’
• Read any membership contract thoroughly and ensure that if you are unsure about anything you have the sales person explain. Get them to write it down on the contract if you feel it’s needed.

• Remember going for a direct debit option is the safest financial decision e.g. paying weekly, fortnightly or monthly and agreeing to a 12 month contract in most cases.
• Don’t feel you have to join up at that precise moment if you are undecided. Allow yourself a night or two to ensure that you make the decision that is right for you.
• If you still have doubts about the club ask for a discounted 2 week pass to use as a trial period.
4. Are you able to place your membership on hold (freeze)? And if so:
• What are the conditions for placing your membership on hold? Do you have to have a doctor’s certificate? Can you place it on hold when you go on holidays?
• How long can it be placed on hold?
• How much will it cost you?

5. Is there a transfer policy in place?

• A large number of leading health clubs provides the flexible service enabling you to transfer your membership to another person. Transferring simply means you’re able to transfer the remaining value of your membership to another person. If you payed up front it is up to you to sell the membership in whole to the other person. If it’s a direct debit membership this means the person taking over the membership agrees to take over the remaining payments on the membership, whether it be 4, 6 or 7 months dependent on the original membership contract. Be aware both the above mentioned transfers have to be completed and signed off by a health club membership representative. If you are looking for a service that assists you in finding someone to transfer your membership to a great web site is

Source by Ryan O’Neal