Toyota Prius Battery Lifespan

How to get a Toyota Prius battery repaired on a budget.

Toyota Prius battery lifespan is about 8 to 10 years. If you could repair your Prius battery for $400 dollars it would not be as big of a problem as it is, would it? Follow a few of these pointers and you will succeed in saving yourself a few thousand dollars!

A few months ago my friend, as well as my sister’s boyfriend (yeah I know… kill him right? haha) had a battery light, light up on his center console. Crap was the first thing he said, then we talked about how we are going to solve this Prius battery problem.

What did we do to his Prius instead of paying $5,000 for a new battery?

Well, first we decided that we needed to talk to a pro and set out around our hometown looking for a shop that could help us fix this battery. Wrong place to look I guess since every single shop turned us away! WOW, I guess we needed to go right to the dealership. We left for the hour long drive to the nearest Toyota dealership, and arrived there only to be told it was going to cost $5,000 to fix this Prius battery problem!!! What now?

What do you do if you don’t have $5k to fix this problem!?

We started searching online for some kind of way to solve this problem for less than $5k and we FINALLY found a way to rebuild our battery for $400 dollars! That’s not a typo! $400! We used a guide that walked us through rebuilding the Prius battery by ourselves! They gave us all of the suppliers for new cells and all of that good stuff! I loved it, and not only that we fixed the battery for such a cheap price. 

Find the guide download here:

Source by Peter Built