Tracing The History of Moto GP In Spain

Moto GP is the oldest of all motorsports World Championships

Boasting 60 years of history, Moto GP is the oldest of all motorsports World Championships. From the early 1900s motorcycle, Grand’s Prix was held in various countries. Spain is the only country in the world to have more than one Grand Prix Motorcycle Race. There are three which are held in Jerez, Montmelo, and Cheste.You can experience the excitement of the Motorcycle Grand Prix live, enjoying the greatest spectacle on two wheels.

Maybe it is because that Spaniards love motorcycles very much. Or it is perhaps because of Spain’s perfect climate for motorcycling. Spain is located in the temperate zone. Its climate is determined by the unusual position. The climate in Spain is one of the most diverse and varied climates in Europe. With slight variations in temperature, mild winters and cool summers, Spain is blessed with good weather which is fit for cycling. Cycling is so popular in Spain that cyclists take their pastime very seriously indeed. What’s more, the Spanish are keen to cycle fans, both on and off road. If you tour in Spain, you will be well received and find reasonable facilities. And the mountainous regions of Spain can offer those interested in cycling perfect terrains.

The city of Jerez in southern Spain has become synonymous with motor cycle racing since it held the first Jerez Moto GP in 1987.It is one of the biggest bike events in the world. The crowd is always huge at the circuit and the atmosphere has to be one of the best bikes racing experience on the planet. With the world-class racing, Jerez has become one of the best rounds on the calendar. The races at Mont Melo and chest are also well known. The venue at mont Melo is challenging, which is designed for both formulae one and motorcycling. And it is the home of Formula One Grand Prix.

Moto GP is a worldwide motorcycling championship, so it often draws thousands of people around the world to come there. Apart from the live Hemingway’s Spain of atmospheric bull fights, passionate flamenco dancers and the heady climax of Gypsy guitar riffs, you can have a new image of Spain that is GP Moto in Spain.


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