Tracy Kiss Gets a New Tattoo!

Tracy Kiss gets a red ink floral tattoo on her bottom

Youtube/Tracy Kiss

Tracy Kiss is no stranger in tattoos–she has almost two dozen of them! A few months after she got a pocket watch tattooed on her hip, the Youtube personality got herself a floral tattoo on her bottom. Tracy shows us the entire procedure in a video on her Youtube channel. The chirpy blogger gives us a detailed look at what went down during the inking. Tracy looked amazingly calm and composed and even checked her social media accounts during the process! But we guess when you’ve got almost 20 tattoos on your body, it gets easier.

Instagram/Tracy Kiss

“Ok guys, here it is, my finished butt tattoo completed in seven hours of sitting with the very talented @johncapasao Of RedInk Aylesbury and I’m so insanely hyped about how much I love it! This is an entirely custom piece hand drawn by John when I gave him the idea that I’d love to have wild flowers across my buttocks to symbolise strength, resilience and natural beauty because only wild flowers can survive such harsh conditions yet continue to thrive – just as we all should in life. Quite a few people told me that a butt tattoo would seriously hurt but as you can see from the size of it I really enjoyed it and we just kept adding and adding to the size – and with all those squats in my workout I’ve built quite a big booty to cover! People keep asking if I’ll have anymore tattoos and I’m smiling as I type this because we already discussed doing the other cheek! But I’m going to let this heal up first because I could really do with being able to sit down again and I have a photoshoot next weekend to showcase it so we’ll get our diaries out soon and make some more magic! Thank you all for joining me on Facebook live for my sittings and the YouTube video is now up showing the process from design to completion.” she shared on Instagram.

Here she is posing with her latest tattoo.

Here is another look at it

Instagram/Tracy Kiss

Tracy is vegan which means she avoids products that have meat and dairy. She recently shared an image of a delicious salad on her Instagram page. She wrote, “Here’s my delicious vegan salad and homemade hummus with a kick of raw garlic for heat, fresh lemon, seeds, cress from the garden and a drizzle of rapeseed oil. My insides are smiling!”

Tracy Kiss posts a variety of videos on her Youtube chnannel which has 14,000-plus subscribers. The glamour model, a single parent, and Internet personality has 2.5 million fans on Facebook.

Track Kiss is not your usual cookie-cutter Youtube personality. She keeps it real, she’s down-to-earth and she’s genuine. Follow her if you like veganism, fitness, fashion and more. She posts new videos every Tuesday.

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