Traditional Love Problems In The Modern Day

All that's important is that you're in love with one another

Marriage is a faithful act that binds two people who love each other regardless of their partner’s beliefs. As the cliché goes, loving someone means accepting every bit of detail that that person has. Hence, you don’t really care what religion, nationality or even race your partner comes from. Once cupid hits you, then all that matters is that you love that person.

That’s how things should work ideally. But it doesn’t work that way all the time, especially in the real world. Obviously, there are a lot of interracial marriages nowadays. Additionally, you’d find people with different religions marrying each other. Although they may look as if they’re the perfect couple, they do have problems too and most of the time it’s their faith that becomes the spark of all their conflicts.

Believe it or not, there are still religious practices that prohibit people from marrying those that are not of the same faith as theirs. Sometimes, it’s not the religion that dictates this, but their family traditions. There are times when parents dictate to their children that they can’t marry someone who isn’t the same religion as their family.

However, the problem is that young adults nowadays are more open to the concept of finding true love and looking past the other person’s demographic details. You probably won’t care what your partner’s skin color is or what his or her ethnicity is and most likely you don’t care anymore about his/her religion. All that’s important is that you’re in love and when it does strike you, you get hit right smack between the eyes. After which, off you go and get married and live happily ever after.

But wait, there’s more to that and that’s not the end of the story just yet. In most cases, when couples that have different faiths marry, their differences are heightened as soon as their marriage begins.

Conflict arises especially when you both have opposing values and beliefs.

During the beginning of your marriage, one obvious problem is going to church. In the beginning, both of you can manage by going separately. However, the question is how long could you stand going to separate churches all the time?

Source by Alicia McWilliams