Treat Your Taste Buds at Daawat-e-Kashmir

Here’s a chance for all food lovers to treat themselves to traditional Kashmiri delicacies

Just like its scenic beauty, the food of Kashmir is heavenly. The rich meat, the fine ground spices, the delicate flavours of the curries, all of them combine to create top-notch gourmet cuisine.

While finding authentic Kashmiri cuisine can be a task in Mumbai City, here’s a chance for all food lovers to treat themselves to traditional Kashmiri delicacies at Daawat-e- Kashmir, the food festival being held at Jyran, Sofitel, BKC.


“Evolved through many generations, Kashmiri cuisine has been influenced through three different cooking styles- Kashmiri Pandits, Muslims and a little Mughlai. Every household in Kashmir cooks the same style of food. And lamb is a must, Kashmiris are obsessed with lamb meat,” says Shadab Ahmed Qureshi, Chef De Cuisine – Jyran.


“Many people think that Kashmiri food is heavy and it is about apples but let me tell you that Kashmiris use more meat, especially lamb. They use a lot of heavy fine ground spices: Cardamom, cinnamon, aniseed, clove, that add comfort to the curries. However, Kashmiri curries are really light and watery and are often combined with rice while eating. Unlike other Indian cuisines, Kashmiris don’t use much garlic and onions; it is the yoghurt that gives it a creamy texture. Mostly, dry ginger is used in excessive amounts to give it a pungent taste. And most of the dishes are cooked using mustard oil and they generously use ghee,” explains Chef Mujeeb-ur- Rehman.

Must Try at Daawat-e- Kashmir

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Address: Jyran, Sofitel Mumbai BKC (Daawat-e- Kashmir ends on 19th Feb, 2017)
Time: Lunch- 12:00pm-3:00 pm | Dinner- 7:00p.m-11:45 pm
For reservations: + 022 30151568