Trevor Noah Roasts Trump’s Decision to Pull Out of the Paris Agreement

"Telling nature to 'Go f— itself' while standing in a garden is a pretty gangsta move"


The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, took Donald Trump apart on his late night show. “Telling nature to ‘Go f— itself’ while standing in a garden is a pretty gangsta move — I’m not gonna lie,” Noah said and continued, “The only way that could have been more messed up is if he did it with a polar bear standing in the background.”

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Noah also made fun of the way Trump announced the decision that has been criticised by former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. “Donald Trump may have doomed the planet, or the fact that he announced it like it’s an episode of ‘The Bachelorette,” he said.

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“Even Israel and Palesntine are on the same side,” said Noah on Trump’s decision of being one of three nations in the world that are not part of the climate deal. Watch it here: