Truck Bed Mat — The Best Liner?


Truck bed mat protection comes cheap.  Spray on bed liners protect trucks and look good doing it.  That protection comes at a high price though.  Here’s where the lowly bed mat actually may be better for you…

Nothing beats rubber bed mats for shock absorbing.  That means that you’ll likely get no dents under a mat, even though you’re doing heavy hauling.  Remember though that mats won’t protect fender wells or sides of the bed.

Preventing dents is so important because dents are tough to fix.  It’s easy enough to repair scratches with a little paint.  Dents are an entirely different matter.  It’s better to prevent dents than fix them.  Here’s another thing…

You can prevent bed scratches under mats.  These things are almost impossible to destroy.  Now spray on liners and plastic liners both excel at preventing scratches to the bed.  That doesn’t mean though that you can’t scratch the liners.  They both scratch and stay that way, at least until they are repaired.  Think about this too…

Permanent isn’t all good.  More permanent liners are there to stay.  That can really be a problem with drop in liners.  That’s because water may sometimes accumulate under the liner.  That’s a sure place for rust to grow…  That’s the beginning of the end.

An easily removed mat can be cleaned and in and out in just seconds.  It’s easy to check the bed and easy to keep it clean and dry too.

That easy in and out feature does something else.

Mats protect more expensive bed liners on many trucks.  Slip it in for rough hauling and then leave it out for normal use.  That way you can protect your liner from damage and keep it looking good and clean.  You use the tough features of a mat, but keep the good looks of the liner.  You get the bed side and fender well protection of the liner too.  It’s the best of all liners.

A truck bed mat protects in some ways better than any other liner material.  It’s so cheap and yet the toughest protection, especially protection from dents and grime.

Source by Alan Bullington