TVF’s Arunabh Kumar Quits As CEO, Tweets Letter on Twitter

Says the last three months have emotionally and mentally drained him. Will continue as mentor

Arunabh Kumar, CEO of The Viral Fever (TVF) has stepped down from his post as CEO. In a letter that he posted on Twitter, he put his reasons for why he is stepping down.

In his letter, he writes that TVF made a mistake in their initial responses and they shouldn’t have done that. An IIT graduate who founded one of India’s most popular comedy network, Kumar was first accused of harassment by an anonymous former female employee in a blog post titled–‘The Indian Uber- That is TVF‘.

Image: Swapnilonline via CC 4.0
Image: Swapnilonline via CC 4.0

Soon after, a Twitter handle received over 50 messages from various women alleging to be victims of Kumar’s actions. TVF then released a second official statement which stated that they found no records of Indian Fowler (the first viral blog post).

Below are two snapshots of the letter tweeted by Arunabh Kumar.

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