Twirl Your Moustache, Win A Beating

Being Dalit is the only requirement

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Now Dalits can be win beatings if they twirl their moustaches.

This is a new addition to things Dalits can’t do. The list includes the likes of skinning dead animals, drawing water to stay alive, and scoring extra good marks.

However, there is great uproar since this opportunity is open only for the Dalit community.

According to a report by The Times of India, the Dalit youth Mahesh Parmar, 24, of Memadpur village in Mehsana district, Gujarat was violently assaulted when he twirled his moustache in front of members of the Darbar community. His family, including his elder brother and 72-year-old grandmother, was also abused and assaulted. Two of his family members remain hospitalised in Mehsana’s civil hospital.

The report said that Mahesh was standing beside a roadside eatery on December 12 and twirling his moustache in front of some members of the Darbar community. When asked his name and identity, the members surprised him with the beating, and as a bonus, abused him too.

We are waiting to be informed of more things Dalits can’t do. Just so that they are aware and prepared when the next assault comes in. The blame will then be only on them. We will publish this list once we are updated.

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