All You Need To Know Car Spoilers

Car spoilers are really getting famous nowadays


If you are thinking of an upgrade in your car regarding stability at high speeds around the turns than the first thing that comes to your mind is the spoiler. The car spoilers neglected yet are the most significant part of a car which plays the most vital role in providing better traction and road grip to a vehicle by simply improving its aerodynamics. Generally, people consider spoilers to be used as a part of sports cars only but they are absolutely mistaken. Spoiler can always be added as a part of your normal day use car to uplift its appearance and improve its stability at high speeds.

A spoiler is an aerodynamic device optionally attached to the vehicle to literally spoil air movement across the surface of the body in order to make it more stable during the move. Its results in less drag, caused during accelerating at high speeds, decreases the uplift caused naturally due to vehicle’s shape. The uplift is reduced by interrupting the air flow going over the car which subsequently results in more of a downward force pushing the tires towards the road resulting in better traction. This increased traction helps a lot while accelerating, turning at high speeds and provides more of stability to your car making it safer to drive.

Most of the car owners especially the young ones always look for an up-gradation in the exterior of their cars in order to improve its appearance and increase its appeal. For this, the most prominent yet useful upgrade is the spoiler. There are many types of car spoilers available in the market. One can always search for the type he wants which not only suits his car but also go with his own personality as well. Whether you own Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi or a Ford, all types are readily available in the market.

Generally, types of spoilers are categorized according to their use, location in the vehicle and the vehicle type. The first type is most commonly used wing spoiler which is firmly mounted to the rear of the vehicle to provide an increased stability and downward force while accelerating at high speeds. The other very commonly used type is the front spoiler which is also known as the ‘air dam’. Front spoiler as the name suggests is fitted on the base (underside) of the front bumper. Other types of spoilers include the truck cap spoilers, tailgate spoilers, and the cab spoilers.

Car spoilers are really getting famous nowadays because they add a uniquely stylish and sporty look to your car. Moreover, they also provide your car the extra stability with improved aerodynamics. These spoilers are simply mounted to the rear trunk of the car or under the front bumper. Their popularity factor is not just the increase in the aerodynamics but sometimes they also add up to the resale price of the car.

Now if you own a race car and it is not fitted with an appropriate spoiler than you are missing something which could have made a huge difference. A race car spoiler can increase its downward force, reduced drag and increased stability at high speeds. A good wing or spoiler with a well-adjusted deck can decrease the lap timings to a greater extent and make you loose or win a race in competition with the one having all rest in equal capacity.

Types of Spoilers

Source by Sameer Khan