Typical Duties Of A Registered Nurse


Nurses are divided in different categories in order to distribute their responsibilities. Basically there are three main types of nurses in any hospital, Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses. If you want to become a registered nurse then there are certain qualities that you must develop. For example, you must be caring, kind and have empathetic personality. Moreover you must be mentally stable and a responsible person.

A registered nurse is also known as who is the most senior nurse in a hospital. They supervise their junior nurses and work directly according to the doctor’s advice. They also assigns task to the Licensed Practical Nurse and Certified Nursing Assistant, and keep a close eye on the junior nurses. It is their duty to make a file of patient’s medical history and allergies. It is the Registered Nurse who is responsible for making the plan of patient care and observes patient’s condition throughout the treatment. These nurses also have to give moral support to patient as well as his family.

If you want to become a nurse, you might be thinking about cna certification. Most of the people think that the nursing profession does not need any qualification, which is true to some extent because some junior nurses really do not need any qualifications except for a high school diploma but if you want to start your career with the most senior post in the profession then there are certain requirements that needs to be fulfilled. Firstly you can join a two year associate degree to join the nursing profession as a Registered Nurse. This method has been popular since its start. Secondly you can join a four year bachelor degree; this degree is known as BSN (Bachelor in Nursing). Thirdly you can also join a nursing diploma; this diploma is mainly focused on the on job training.

After finishing your training period, you will be required to sit in an exam called NCLEX-RN. This exam will give you the certification to start your career. This certification is not a government requirement so you may also start your career without this certification; however most of the employers demand only certified nurses and this allows them to avoid any unpleasant incident.

There are two basic methods of joining the above mentioned courses. Firstly you can join a nearby school or college which is offering these programs and you may easily find them in your neighborhood as there are many institutes all over the country. You may also choose to search for them on the internet. Red Cross is a very well reputed organization which is offering its courses in 38 cities all over the country. Another method of joining your classes is to join an online school. There are many online schools which are offering these courses.

A Registered Nurse usually works for 8 hours every day and five days every week. They may also have to work on weekends, holidays or in over night shifts. They usually get a high pay scale and can earn up to 75000 dollars every year.

Source by Elijah James