Understanding The Real Meaning Of Life

Every person is born with unique characteristics


We all came to this world because of some reason. God has sent us to perform some tasks which are divine in nature and results in universal good. But most of us are not aware of this purpose of life and due to this, we tend to lead a meaningless life. When we lead our life with no purpose we are likely to suffer in our lives and happiness runs away from us no matter how hard we try to catch it. Thus, it is very important to understand the real meaning of life for all of us irrespective of our age, sex, caste or financial status.

Every person is born with unique characteristics, for everyone has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. The key is to identify your unique qualities and this can be accomplished by knowing yourself better by doing meditation. Meditation makes it possible by bringing you closer to your soul which represents your true identity. In general, we identify ourselves with the attributes acquired by us from our surroundings, observations, and circumstances in life. But remember this is not your true identity. For instance, you may be born with the mind of a genius but if you are not using your mind for doing proper acts you will never be recognized for your intelligence.

Meditation is an exercise which works by halting your thinking process and relaxing your mind. When your mind is relaxed it ceases to act like a wall between you and your soul. In other words, meditation help in building a direct connection to your soul which is nothing but a representation of your true identity, which is unique. You may have a unique personality but the goal of every soul is common. This goal comprises of all good activities which are facilitated by honesty, purity, integrity, divinity, generosity, and selflessness.

Earlier meditation was mostly learned or practiced through deep breathing exercises but nowadays it is performed in quite a few ways such as transcendental meditation, dynamic meditation, tia chi and most modern, active meditation of renowned spiritual teacher Rajneesh Osho. Just like the goal of every soul is common, the goal of every technique of meditation is to make you a spiritual person. Once you master any technique of meditation you can experience spirituality in your life which is an amazing experience in itself. But it does not mean that you should stop doing meditation, instead make it a habit and try to reach the higher realms of spirituality through it.
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Source by Harry Williams