Understanding The Signs of A Controlling Relationship Can Help You

A few psychological traits used by controllers to control the relationship


Many relationships go unfulfilled and most of them fail in the long term run because the signs of a controlling relationship are not paid attention too and left unheeded. Why do you think this happens? This article will help diffuse the areas of our psyche that might help explain why we do not notice these behaviors.

It is beyond any doubt that these controlling signs in a relationship are no good but if you are able to identify what they are it may help you understand what’s going on and help you save your relationship right now. Whether or not your relationship has been short term or even long term these principle behaviors apply in all relationship encounters.


However the longer you’ve been in a relationship the harder it is for you to see what is happening and that is very tough to overcome. Knowing what is happening is essentially the first step in helping yourself out of a situation if this is the case. If signs of controlling behavior are predominant in a relationship then that relationship can decidedly sooner or later be doomed to failure.

Why do people get into these situations and stay in them for any length of time? For starters, if a person doesn’t hold themselves very high in the self-esteem department and another person pays attention to them then temporarily this person may need him or her. This type of behavior can take on different dimensions of control.

Overt control and covert control. Both types of these control have only one purpose in mind. You guessed it and the answer is my way is the only way for you to be happy. Overt control is the outward behavior that people see which is in the form of physical abusiveness, verbal abuse, and criticism that is unwarranted. Covert control is the type of behavior is the psychological type of behavior that includes compliance, justifying one’s actions and behavior, lying and even flat denying that something is wrong.


Anyway, you look at it, controlling behavior is one of the signs of a controlling relationship that you should be on the lookout for and try to start remedying it. Resistance to be controlled. Exhibiting this type of behavior is actually a good thing because either consciously or unconsciously the person being controlled is actually aware and is fighting back.

But they don’t know how because there is no communication between the two people involved. The solution is communication between the two people involved. No one likes to be controlled for any reason and if a person feels that they are trapped in a relationship they may rebel in the form of withdrawing from activities, being lackadaisical, forgetting events and the like.


That is the defense mechanism kicking in to combat the controlling issues from the partner. If the relationship seems to be this way then you can bet that nothing positive will happen until communication is established and by talking with each other and coming out with it.

This article has just identified the beginnings of what a controlling relationship can exhibit and is just one of many psychological traits that are used by controllers. But by being aware of at least the issues identified here in this report will help you understand the situation that you may be in.

Source by Jim Guererro