Union of House Husband

I was sitting in my study when I heard a loud roar of my wife .I trembled with fear It was a not a simple call of inferno.

It was an obnoxious call of eternal damnation that always produced a chill in my bones. I stepped up like a robot on hearing that dreadful voice. I briskly went towards the voice almost running.

My wife was doing her hair in front of the looking glass of the dressing table. She had asked me to iron her clothes but I was confused enough due to her presence and forgot.

It was my routine to fetch her iron clothes after she had made herself up. She had come out from the bath room and wanted her clothes. These were not clothes but shorts and a blouse which she often wears on ceremonies. I ran and hurriedly ironed her clothes in no time.

She wore the clothes and at the same time remained castigating me constantly. She was in a great hurry as function was to be inaugurated by her. It was a function arranged by the working women who were intimidated by their husbands like me.

I thanked god that she was late otherwise my mistake was not bearable in her eyes.  I came back to my study room and started reading recipe books .I study such books not as hobby but it was my duty to prepare new dish daily.  My wife did not like to eat a recipe second time. I was going to learn the new recipe but a brain wave lead me astray. I went out without my shopping basket. Every body who met me on the way was astonished to see that I was without my shopping weapons.

It was very unusual for me to go out with out children or shopping basket that is why they asked me about my whereabouts.

I went to the nearby streets and markets. I was enlightened to observe that there were a lot of husbands with baskets or children in their hands. I asked them if they were the servants. They told me that they were not servants but they were house husbands. On that I remembered that the lunch was not ready and my wife would be coming home. I returned home and prepared the lunch for my social wife and her children. Thanks God that she arrived just after the lunch was ready. She ate with relish but did not admire my cooking skills. I always wished that my wife should praise my recipes but it never happened.

On the contrary she snubbed me over a trivial mistake as I have not served the food well. God knows that I always tried my best to present the meal with the knack of a continental chef. Many grievances have made me to reconsider my status as husband. You can not imagine the agony I feel when she ignore my expertise in ironing the clothes ,preparation of food ,and the ways I served her children and her guests.

Next day I went out again and met a few husbands .I exchanged my ideas with the husbands of long standing. They all were of the same view that their wives did not give them the right appreciation. They were also prey to the same ignorance by their wives .I declared that we all are husbands and wanted our due rights. Nobody else would share our grief. If we remain exclusive in ourselves, our wives would never recognize our skill and devotion to serve them. We have to unite for grabbing our due rights.

All were very happy and raised slogans in my favor. I was selected the president of the Union of House Husbands. Now it was my right to fight for my community. I selected two other husbands who were skilled in their arts of serving and cooking.

We started preparing the resolution. After a lot of brokering of minds and hot debates we finalized the draft of our resolution. It was to be presented in the first meeting of Union of House Husbands for approval. The resolution reads;

We the house husbands collectively decide that our wives should give us due response over our work. It is strongly recommended that wives should be made to appreciate all the deeds which the house husbands perform in their service. They should be made to allow their husbands to come before the guests and ask them about the taste and style of serving the food. Moreover the husbands strongly demand the pocket money for them on daily basis.

The resolution was unanimously adopted and was presented to the ladies in the ladies club. Firstly there was a hot debate over the demands but at last these demands were partially accepted. The House Husbands were given the right to prepare food once a day. They were given permission to come before their honorable guests of their wives. Pocket money was to be decided after consideration.

My pleasure knows no bounds as I have succeeded in steering clearing the house husbands. My brain wave uplifted our status. All the house husbands were very happy over the progress they made for their rights.

I was also happy that I was made the president of the union of house husbands.