Urdu Tips for Sleep Good at Night


Sleep good at night is crucial for the proper functioning of the body during the day. It is therefore very important to follow some basic steps for us to enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep.First, avoid sleeping on more than one hour, or after 18:00, so you will not sleep tonight at all.Also, avoid drinking coffee or evening drink that contains caffeine (juice, tea, coffee or chocolate). Nerve centers of the body and are alerted because caffeine can cause insomnia.Avoid drinking lots of fluids at night to sleep will not hurt many times a night going to the toilet.Before you put to bed, eat something easy, at least an hour before.

A snack before bedtime helps to produce melatonin, which produces a light sleep, calm.Also, before sleep, relax your mind, reading a book, watching a favorite movie or show.A soothing linden tea or a cup of warm milk will help you relax more and sleep like a baby.Sleep only when you feel sleepy and that will not resist. The bed is for sleeping, not watching TV, reading or other activities.If you do not sleep on time, you better get out of bed and try to do something that will encourage sleep: listen to soothing music, soft or radio … count sheep in your mind! I know that may sound funny, but this method really pays off.Remove all sources of annoying noise around you: for example, wristwatch ticking annoying intrusive in your ear.


Unfortunately, we can not control any noise coming from the outside of police sirens, rescue, sound of car alarms or barking dogs at night than if we isolate the two walls of the house well.For a safe and restful sleep, give the phone to silent or close it before bedtime. It’s a shame to wake up during the night because of a wrong call.And last but not least, make a routine of waking up the morning trying to wake up every day at the same time. In this way, the body will get used to it and will create their own circuit since the early hours of the morning.

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Source by Nabeela G