Useful Tips to Build Stamina

How to build good stamina

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So how does one start up a running routine? The trick is to start small. Experts advise to start slowly—not to begin by running immediately. At first, just go outside, stretch and take a long walk. By doing this, you are easing your body into a routine that it is familiar with as well as building up stamina. Be sure to first master your walking technique. Don’t walk slowly or shuffle but move at a pace steady enough to make your pulse rate increase. Always keep your back straight, head erect and tummy pulled in.

You should be training muscle groups no less than twice a week.

Essentially, you should push your body through spurts of near overtraining and then ease off into periods of under training. This is beneficial when there is much strain for the body to manage and other times when they body has more time to recuperate and build stamina for another push. By using this method, you will avoid hitting training plateaus.

Be sure to have a warm up session before you get on the field.  You can either jog or stretch in order to pump up your body.  A warm up of two to five minutes is sufficient enough for you.  For instance, You can start with static stretches and hold each stretch for thirty to sixty seconds.  Also, this would help you react quicker, mentally tougher and build stamina that would help you last long during games and tournaments.

Throw in some weights – You need a combination of cardio and strength training or weight training. Cardio will do great for building stamina but weight training will help you build muscle, which makes it easier for your body to lose weight, and raise your metabolism, which speeds up the process of digestion.

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A good warm up of muscles, tendons and ligaments is absolutely essential before stretching. Each stretch should last 10 to 20 seconds in a static position, allowing the muscles to stretch slowly. The stretching routine should be executed smoothly so that the players can prepare themselves both mentally and physically for activity.

Stay focused with activity – It’s true: to successfully lose weight, you must also exercise. Some will advise that you must workout with a friend to be able to stay with it. Make sure it’s a friend who will not distract you with idle chatter at the gym. With a friend or alone, make sure to stay focused at the gym or wherever you decide to workout.

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